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What is a cr2032 battery, cr2032 lithium manganese battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-11

battery is more common in our life, and are very many different kinds of battery, battery classification is usually based on the classification of functions, for the conventional battery I think most of the friends of the basic are useful, there are some friends more familiar, like our nimh batteries, everyone is very familiar with. Today, people want to talk about a very special battery, it is cr20323v button battery, I think most of the friends are basically have not seen, I'm afraid not clear where the battery. What people see is cr2032 battery, cr2032 lithium manganese battery usage.

what is cr2032 battery

lithium manganese dioxide battery, its name is named according to provisions of IEC standards. In the C - Means that the cathode for lithium metal, manganese dioxide as positive chemical battery system, R - Means that the shape of the battery for the cylindrical, if it is a square F substitution; Twenty means the diameter of the battery is 20 mm, with 32 means that the relative height of 3 of the battery. 2mm。 Nominal voltage of 3. Working voltage (0 v, the node endpointvoltage) To 2. 0 v, rated current is two hundred - Range between two hundred and forty mah

3 vcr2032 lithium manganese battery, belongs to the lithium - Manganese dioxide structure, the anode material choose chemistry special stability of manganese dioxide, anode materials for lithium metal, electrolyte of lithium battery pack electrolyte, main component is methylal dimethyl ether, propylene carbonate and lithium perchlorate, such as buttons, referred to as button lithium battery pack or lithium manganese button cell.

CR2032 lithium manganese batteries

1. Put copy electricity working voltage stable and safe use of wide temperature range, 20 ~ seventy ℃) ;

2。 High-energy green environmental protection, do not attack of lead, cadmium, mercury, green environmental protection laws and regulations related to meet eu countries;

3。 High specific energy ( 250 wh。 kg) , long storage life, small self-discharge, discharge time is long;

CR2032 lithium manganese battery defect

1. Put CR2032 lithium manganese battery into the fire or high temperatures, very easy to explosion danger.

2。 Like the thumb, the size of the sample size is relatively small, it is easy to be children swallowing, to occupy the child also to danger.

CR2032 lithium manganese battery USES

such as laptop motherboards, electronic watches, electronic dictionary, electronic scales, intelligent remote control, electric toy car, heart pacemakers, electronic Siemens hearing AIDS, electronic counters, digital camera, etc.

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