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What is a cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, advantages and disadvantages of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-13

cylindrical lithium ion battery core is usually expressed in five digits, count from the lower left corner, the first, two numerical said the pool body diameter, the third, four numerical said the battery is relatively high, 5 digits said round, then we take a look at what is a cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, advantages and disadvantages of cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries.

what is a cylindrical lithium-ion battery

circular lithium battery pack is cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, earlier cylindrical lithium battery pack is made up of Japan's SONY corporation in 1992, the country invention 18650 lithium batteries, because of the development history of 18650 cylindrical lithium battery is very long, so the industry market coverage is high, cylindrical lithium-ion batteries use sophisticated film cutting and machining process, mechanical automation level is high, the enterprise products, product quality is stable, relatively low cost.

cylindrical lithium-ion batteries can be divided into cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium materials, three yuan. Three kinds of material security system have their own advantages and disadvantages of the characteristics of the batteries, battery is widely used in: notebook computer, digital camera, lighting equipment, electric toy enterprise products, power tool accessories, handheld move energy and other fields. So far, cylindrical key dominated by aluminum shell cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery, so the outstanding performance of the battery for high capacity, high output voltage, excellent charge and discharge cycle can safety performance, stable output voltage, large current discharge, electrochemical safety performance is stable, safe and reliable operation, wide working temperature scope, no pollution to the environment.

typical types of cylindrical lithium-ion battery

cylindrical lithium-ion battery compared with soft package and square lithium battery is commercialization earlier, now the market key industry 18650 cylindrical cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries and 21700 other typical cylindrical lithium battery specifications have 14650, 17490, 18650, 21700, 26650, (such as Have several atypical of cylindrical lithium-ion battery models such as 10440, 32650, 16340, 14500, 32700 batteries, etc. ) 。 Monomer key by positive, negative, diaphragm, the positive negative collector, steam safety valve, over current protection device, insulation resistance and the motor shell together. Early motor shell, aluminum shell is more, currently dominated by aluminum shell.

cylindrical lithium iron phosphate batteries

1. Monomer uniformity is better;

cylindrical lithium-ion battery has already established a series of international unified standard specifications and models, the processing technology is mature and perfect, right of uninterrupted change in bulk production

2. Monomer itself material mechanics performance is good,

cylinder specific surface area is large, heat pipe cooling effect is very good, can get high bending strength;

3。 Technology mature and perfect, with low cost

the battery metal case compressive strength is high, the whole process of operation is not easy to produce the condition such as square, such as flexible packaging cells swell

4. Monomer energy is small, multiple small accident risk

cause accidents, form is easy to control, cylindrical battery is usually sealed battery, the whole process of operation will not have a maintenance problem

cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery weakness:

1. Cylindrical lithium-ion battery electric welding welding multipolar ear processing technology limited, therefore ratio characteristics is a bit weak, is not so outstanding ratio.

2。 Cylindrical battery Angle edge in organic chemistry, specific performance is poorer, long battery operation performance is relatively significant.

3。 With common battery intermiscibility is poor, this is because in the use of three common batteries (usually take 3. 6V) Under the condition of replaced can be carried out with lithium ion batteries.

4。 Be sure to have a unique protection circuit to avoid overcharge or discharge;

5。 Cost is relatively high, the main battery cathode material LiCOO2 price is high, along with the continuous rapid development of the positive technology application, can choose LiMn2O4, LiFePO4, etc for the anode, and is expected to greatly reduce the cost of lithium battery pack charge

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