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What is a graphene batteries, graphene battery and lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-03

now the beginning of the graphene battery, gossip is circulating, throughout the Internet has opened a wave of graphene, everyone scrambled to join to discuss using graphene for cell phone life how severe, graphene share a rose red, also the whole electronic industry seems to be playing chicken blood, all people are all waiting for the coming of the graphene period. Considered to be the future mobile phone batteries, the main popular new energy electric vehicle batteries, but recent graphene battery cold down, what this situation, we today to see what is graphene battery, graphene battery and lithium battery which good! ! ! !

what is graphene battery

graphene batteries, make full use of lithium ion in the graphene surface layer between the electrode and the advantages of high speed travel through lots of running, the development design of a new battery. The united republic of Ohio Nanotek instruments make full use of lithium ion in the graphene surface layer between the electrode and the advantages of high speed travel through lots of running, designed a new battery. According to its unique advantages, hailed as graphene & other Incredible material & throughout; , scientists and even speculated that it will & other; To a large extent changed throughout the 21st century &; 。 Manchester school deputy principal ColinBailey expert professor says: & other; Graphene may greatly change the large number of all kinds of applications, from the touch screen mobile phone and high-speed fiber-optic broadband to the treatment of drug transport and computer chips. ”

graphene batteries

1, the wide range of applications, a large number of can use in the mobile terminal, aerospace engineering, new energy battery industry.

2, according to the high conductive performance and the advantages of high strength, super thin, application field of graphene in the field of aerospace industry advantage is extremely obvious. Not long ago the united NASA development design applications in aerospace industry of the republic of graphene in the field of temperature sensor, can be very good for high nutrient elements in the layer of the universe, the functional sex of the space shuttle faults, etc. To carry out the inspection. And graphene on the potential application fields such as ultralight aircraft materials will also be fully mobilize more important role in the

3, graphene is the world's conductive performance is the most suitable material, added in the traditional cell phone lithium batteries the performance of graphene composite conductive powder, to enhance the ratio of battery storage battery charging and discharging performance indicators and cycling application time limit; 4 to be stable, safe and reliable new graphene gathered carbon capacity battery, filled with electricity with a nail machine, make its fault, any chemical reaction nor; Put on the fire to burn, nor explosion accident;

5, electrons in graphene when transmitting data will not be easily cause electron scattering, electron density can do 200000 cm2 / ( V*s) , which is about one hundred and forty times that of the electron density in the silicon, its conductivity can do 104 s/m, is the most suitable indoor temperature conductive performance materials.

6, application time limit is four times that of traditional nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries 2 times

7. Charging efficiency is high, its total weight about only part of the traditional battery. In terms of charging rate. Graphene battery in performance can be enhanced up a class

graphene battery defect

1, the process itself there are problems, not night. Compatibility issues, specific surface area of graphene is too large, the homogenate is distributed to the existing lithium-ion batteries, such as process at sixes and sevens technology problem;

2, the graphene batteries on the market is not a pure graphene batteries, is only on the basis of the lithium battery is the inclusion of graphene's related technology, compared with traditional lithium battery pack, it caused by the performance enhancement is just only a little bit, plus cost of graphene is extremely expensive, its manufacturing technology are also particularly high, the making craft of graphene battery is still not mature enough, can't do mass production.

3。 The performance of the traditional conductive carbon/graphite is very cheap, all of them are sold by tons, and graphene is very expensive. Over thousands of the price per gram, this is not usually companies can afford it, far above gold jewelry prices, all types of customers. Graphene such much of the early technology in industrial development planning, maybe it will take three or four years is likely to appear in the electronic products.

4。 Human intake of graphene, will cause harm to human body, and may be poisonous. Unsafe

the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery

lithium battery: & other; & throughout; , lithium ion batteries is the lithium ions in the battery energy storage material, in the process of storage battery charging and discharging operation for battery chemistry ( Chemical reaction) 。 Is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries in general can be divided into two categories: lithium battery pack and lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion battery is not rich in lithium metal state, and is able to charge. The fifth generation of rechargeable battery product lithium battery was born in 1996, its safety performance, specific capacity, self-discharge rate and prices are better than lithium ion battery performance indicators.

graphene compared with lithium battery which good

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