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What is a high rate batteries, high-magnification lithium battery charge and discharge

by:dcfpower     2020-11-20

high-magnification cells typically refers to large current discharge, high ratio of lithium battery charge and discharge performance index with lithium ions at the interface between electrode, electrolyte and their transfer performance is closely related to lithium ion transfer speed factors are all interference interference high-magnification battery charge and discharge performance. Today, as we take a look at what is lithium battery pack manufacturer high-magnification batteries, how high-magnification lithium battery charge and discharge.

what is the high rate batteries?

high-magnification battery refers to the discharge rate can fully meet the pulse 100 c, persistent 60 c, widely used in large current discharge and other special places. More suitable for unmanned aircraft, rc planes, high-power electric tool accessories goods.

ratio cells usually refers to lithium batteries, lithium ion battery is a kind of high rate battery charging, it mainly rely on lithium ions move between the positive and negative to work. In the process of charging and discharging, Li + embedded in the back and forth between the two electrodes and embedded off: when the rechargeable battery, Li + embedded from the anode, by way of anode, electrolyte embedded negative in rich lithium condition; Discharge is the opposite. Usually used as electrode materials containing lithium batteries. Is the representative of modern high performance battery. Lithium batteries are divided into high rate battery and lithium ion batteries. The current mobile phones and laptops are lithium ion battery, usually people commonly known as its batteries for high rate, and the true high rate battery because the risk is big, rarely applied in the daily electronic products.

high-magnification rechargeable lithium battery?

a new batteries,

usually high ratio need to activate the lithium-ion batteries, the battery is put after a while, will enter a dormant state, at this moment capacity is less than standard values, using time has been shortened, so you need to activate. activation method is very simple, as long as after 3 ~ 5 times of the normal charge and discharge cycle can activate cells, back to normal capacity.

2, the old battery

1. Charging method

the old battery, often referred to as has circulation charge and discharge the battery for many times, cannot use batteries instead of scrap. High-magnification lithium battery life has nothing to do with the number of charge and discharge, it has no memory effect, no matter how you charge, do will not interfere with the charging cycles. So don't completely without electricity to recharge the battery use, it is best when you can charge the battery is full, as far as possible with 2 - charging time It is advisable to within 3 hours, you also don't necessarily have to be full of nature, to do a pale imitation.

2。 Charging voltage

high-magnification lithium battery safety standard voltage range is 2. 8 v to 4. 2 v, less than or higher than this voltage range, the lithium ion battery become unstable. In order to ensure the battery in a safe range, so I need special charger. This some charger automatically according to the battery status and adjust charging way nowadays.

3。 Charging tool

high-magnification lithium batteries to use special charger, it can guarantee the safety of the charge. Charger at work, at a constant current for the battery, with the increase of the battery voltage, the charger at the same time improve the charging voltage, to speed up the charge. When the battery reaches 4. 2 v voltage deadline, at this moment the battery probably only into seven hundred percent

high rate polymer li-ion batteries

1. Use range

high-magnification polymer lithium battery soft package will not normally use to mobile phones and other digital products, it is used in the need some outbreaks of new energy vehicles, all kinds of rc planes and remote control model car electronic control system.

2, high safety coefficient, passed UL/CE/UN certification;

with large current self-discharge performance outstanding, outbreaks of foot, self-discharge platform is high, the cycle life of good features such as;

3, appearance size flexible, can according to customer need the high-end custom designs on the shape size and style;

with thin basic characteristics of cell volume is small, light weight, can make into various shapes with different shapes of the capacity of battery, its thickness can be 0. Between 45 mm

4, with batch production and processing of work ability, unity of the battery;

with thin basic characteristics of cell volume is small, light weight, can make into various shapes with different shapes of the capacity of battery, its thickness can be 0. Between 45 mm

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