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What is a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-21

hydrogen fuel cell has been talked about, become one of the representatives of the green energy. Hydrogen energy as the easiest way to get the green energy, get a higher social status in the hydrogen fuel cells. Accompanied by attaches great importance to the natural environment, people are becoming more and more attention & other Green low carbon economy & throughout; With & other; Ecological environmental protection & throughout; , so the tone of the world today is to clean energy. You should all know that clean energy for environmental pollution and large reserves, wide spread, more can satisfy the need of the current market today let us under what is a hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery pack which is better.

what is a hydrogen fuel cell

hydrogen fuel cell is through the fuel ( Hydrogen) Into electricity to according to the chemical changes in the form of electric energy equipment. Although hydrogen fuel cell electrochemical cells and batteries are considered at the same time, made up of similar structures, but the hydrogen fuel cell need continuous source of fuel and oxygen to start running; Equivalent of gas turbine need continuous flow gasoline or diesel, hydrogen fuel cell is a kind of element using chemical reactions to store energy hydrogen fuel cells. From the name you can see, this kind of batteries are the main elements of hydrogen.

advantages of hydrogen fuel cell

1. Can be applied to aircraft, power

, such as Boeing, are in a hydrogen fuel cell, small and medium-sized aircraft landing and lifting operation process using traditional batteries and hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric energy supply. Up to a km altitude adaptive cruising altitude, the plane to cut off the traditional battery power, only on hydrogen fuel cell power supply.

1。 No environmental noise,

hydrogen fuel-cell boot quiet operation, environmental noise probably only 55 dB, is equal to let us communicate normally level. This makes the hydrogen fuel cell is very suitable for indoor installations, or outside the room to the environmental noise limit.

2。 High efficiency,

the hydrogen fuel cell power generation efficiency can achieve five hundred percent above, this is determined by the transformation properties of hydrogen fuel cells, directly convert chemical energy to electrical energy, also without heat energy and mechanical energy ( Generator) In the middle of the conversion.

3。 Green environmental protection,

hydrogen fuel cells of green environmental protection to the natural environment. It is based on the electrochemical reaction, rather than using the combustion ( Gasoline and diesel oil) Or energy storage ( Battery) Way - - The most common type of traditional back-up power solutions. Releases like COx, NOx, SOx, volatile combustion gases and air pollutants such as dust. As mentioned above, the hydrogen fuel cell will only form water and heat. If hydrogen is according to the renewable energy form, Solar panels, wind power, etc. ) , and the overall cycle is complete operation process does not produce toxic or harmful substances emission.

hydrogen fuel cell defects

1. Mass production technology co. , LTD.

technology restricted in fuel prices, environmental pollution and global warming, to more clean, safe and reliable, higher working efficiency of transport market demand continues to grow.

2。 The scarcity of raw materials

in the process of the operation of the hydrogen fuel power generation, is a kind of very need to cherish the mineral, platinum, is the platinum jewelry chain was sold. If the hydrogen fuel cell is common in the future, platinum is certainly is in a state of shortage. Nature also can't industry scale, cost is high.

hydrogen fuel battery and lithium battery which good

what kind of difference can not compare which is better, at present two kinds of cells each have each advantages and disadvantages, applicable only is good! ! Hydrogen fuel cells with the competition of lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries at present stage in the new energy electric vehicles have the advantage. The hydrogen fuel cells biggest disadvantage in high manufacturing costs.

at the present stage of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cell technology is the core of the car is expected to replace oil, each have each advantage, both have immeasurable progress space. If the lithium battery pack can improve its energy density, optimized circulation service life, will be more competitive; The key technology of hydrogen fuel cell, motor vehicles and the construction of filling stations immeasurably problem such as cost, safe and reliable is immeasurably bottleneck of industrial development. From the perspective of green environmental protection and ecological civilization construction analysis, hydrogen fuel cells have more potential than lithium batteries, but from the social and economic benefits in the short term, the transformation of lithium batteries more than hydrogen fuel cells with market competitiveness.

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