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What is a lithium battery diaphragm, lithium-ion battery diaphragm effect

by:dcfpower     2020-10-31

lithium batteries because of high specific energy, long cycle life, light weight, small volume, such as performance index, and have a safe and reliable, stable and fast charge and discharge is unique, such as into the latest technology in recent years the focus of electronic power technology research and analysis, the popular in the field of high efficiency energy and high power of science and technology. In the structure characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, the diaphragm is one of the important internal module. There are a lot of friends know only lithium batteries, the diaphragm is not understand, today let's take a look at what is lithium battery diaphragm, lithium battery pack diaphragm effect.

what is lithium battery pack diaphragm

the lithium battery pack has very good bao hou uniform distribution, material mechanical properties ( Mainly include tensile strength and puncture strength) , permeability, physical and chemical performance index ( Mainly includes the wettability, organic chemical stability, heat stability, security) 。 Structure characteristics of lithium batteries, the diaphragm is one of the important internal module. Performance of the diaphragm effect the interface structure characteristics of the rechargeable batteries, voltmeter internal resistance, etc. , can directly affect the storage capacity of rechargeable batteries, recycling and safety coefficient of performance index, performance index of diaphragm for promoting the comprehensive performance of rechargeable batteries have important effect. The diaphragm's main function is to make rechargeable batteries apart of the positive and negative, avoided the poles touch, short circuit, in addition also has the basic function of electrolyte ions pass.

lithium battery pack diaphragm material

a: material PMIA ( Alicyclic polyamide)

PMIA is a kind of alicyclic polyamide, yuan benzamide on its plate skeleton type carbon bonds, with up to four hundred ℃ heat resistance, considering its high flame retardant performance, the application of this material diaphragm can improve the safety coefficient of lithium-ion batteries.

material 2: PI, Polyimide)

polyimide ( PI) As is one of the good comprehensive properties of polymers, have excellent heat stability, high porosity, and ultra high temperature resistant performance, can in - Two hundred ~ three hundred ℃ under safe use for a long time.

material 3: PET ( Poly (ethyl 2 terephthalate)

poly terephthalic acid ethyl ester ( PET) Is a kind of physical properties and thermodynamic performance index, the electric insulation performance indicators are excellent material.

material 4: PBO ( Poly phenylene benzene and 2)

the latest technology polymer PBO ( Poly phenylene benzene and 2) Is a kind of excellent material mechanical properties, thermal stability and flame retardancy of organic fibers.

lithium battery diaphragm material effect have?

a, to the rechargeable batteries for safety

the diaphragm material premise must have good insulation, is to avoid negative touch a short circuit or burrs, particulate matter, twin poked through and the emergence of a short circuit, so, partition the positive and negative, positive at a high potential that the cathode is a potential, thus produce working voltage difference ( The voltage)

2, lithium battery provides the basic functionality to complete charge and discharge and ratio performance index of microporous channel

so, diaphragm must be have high porosity and pore distribution of uniform distribution of thin film. After the performance of the material itself and film forming pore characteristics hampering the transfer of lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and reflect on the performance parameters of the ionic conductivity. Inside of the porous structure of the diaphragm to maintain electrolyte sequestration, complete ion conductive

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