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What is a lithium battery electrolyte, lithium battery electrolyte toxic harm to people

by:dcfpower     2020-10-29

lithium battery electrolyte is the a crucial part of lithium battery, the lithium battery safety coefficient has great influence. electrolyte is mainly made up by high boiling point solvents, lithium battery electrolyte is divided into two categories, one kind is acidic electrolyte, one kind is is alkaline, both of which have obvious corrosion irritating, key can cause poisoning, chemical, and mechanical damage to human body organs, what is a lithium battery electrolyte, lithium battery electrolyte toxic any harm to people.

what is lithium battery pack electrolyte

lithium battery is lithium battery pack electrolyte ion transport in the bearing. Typically made from a mix of lithium salt and high boiling point solvent. In lithium battery electrolyte transport between the positive and negative ions, the lithium ion battery high voltage, high benefit, etc. Electrolyte by normally very high purity and high boiling point solvents, electrolyte of lithium salt, necessary additives such as raw material, under some conditions, according to the corresponding proportion deployment, polymer lithium battery is produced according to this proportion.

that is commonly used in lithium battery electrolyte solvent

ethylene carbonate ( EC) , diethyl carbonate ( 12月) , dimethyl carbonate ( DMC) , methyl ethyl carbonate ( EMC) Wait, propylene carbonate (usually don't use PC) And glycol dimethyl ether ( DME) Key to such as lithium battery of solvent at a time. PC for secondary battery, and lithium ion battery graphite anode compatible combination of sex is very poor, storage battery charging and discharging operation process, the PC on the surface of graphite anode to produce decomposition, at the same time trigger the flake graphite layers, the cycle of lithium battery safety coefficient caused by falling.

lithium battery electrolyte main ingredients

1. Molecular structure of propylene carbonate: C4H6O3

glittering and translucent get rid of no smell, or light yellow crystal clear liquid, soluble in water and carbon tetrachloride, and ethyl ether, acetone, benzene and other immiscible. Is a kind of excellent solvent polarity. This product is the key to high polymer material, gas stripping process and natural pharmaceutical chemistry.

2。 Ethylene carbonate: molecular structure: C3H4O3

very high purity can be used in rechargeable lithium ion battery electrolyte; Liquid silk on the textile industry; Direct solvent for removing acid gas and concrete additives; Biological medicine used as the raw material of furazolidone. Used for plastic foaming agent and fully synthetic engine oil stabilizer Chemicalbook; Safety factor good solvent and chemical intermediates, polyacrylonitrile, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) good solvent, natural medicine basic raw materials, chemical industry as hydroxyethyl, agents and chemical raw materials for chemical synthesis, sodium silicate slurry, fiber finishing agent

lithium battery electrolyte toxic any harm to people

lithium batteries is there must be a harm to human body. Harm the largest is the electrolyte solution, the electrolyte for organic volatile liquid easily, and have obvious corrosion irritating, a long time to learn to volatile gas has damage to the respiratory tract, the battery inside the elemental mercury is relatively rare, there are other lead element, etc. Trigger disease of heavy metals. Harm to the human body is one of the largest lithium, six lithium fluoride phosphate, the lithium salt very outrageous. Previously heard if a man has a skin on the body size of the palm of your hand skin corrode, could kill.

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