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What is a lithium battery electrolyte, the main components of the lithium ion battery electrolyte

by:dcfpower     2020-09-30

what is lithium battery electrolyte

in the lithium battery pack electrolyte is the carrier of ion transport. Generally consists of lithium salt and organic solvents. There are three kinds of lithium ion battery specific composition, respectively is: diethyl carbonate, propylene carbonate or ethylene carbonate fat. Below we specific look at the specific composition of the electrolyte.

element of lithium ion battery electrolyte

1. Ethylene carbonate

chemical formula: C3H4O3 transparent colorless liquid (> 35℃) ; At room temperature for a crystalline solid. Boiling point: 248 ℃ / 760 MMHG, 243 - 244℃/ 740毫米汞柱; Flash point: 160 ℃; Density: 1. 3218; Refractive index: 1. 4158 ( 50℃) ; Melting point: 35 - 38℃; This product is a good solvent for polyacrylonitrile, polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Can be used for textile spinning fluid; Also can immediately as removing acid gas solvent and concrete additives; In medicine, can be used to pharmaceutical composition and raw material; Also can be used for plastic foaming agent and synthetic lubricating oil stabilizer; In the battery industry, it is a good solvent of lithium battery electrolyte.

2。 Propylene carbonate

chemical formula: C4H6O3 colorless, odorless, or light yellow transparent liquid, soluble in water and ccl4, and ethyl ether, acetone, benzene and other immiscible. It is a good polar solvent. This product is mainly used for high polymer, gas separation technology and electrochemistry. Especially used for absorbing carbon dioxide gas, petrochemical plant raw material of synthetic ammonia, also may be used as a plasticizer, spinning solvent, olefins and aromatics extraction agent, etc. Toxicology data: animal experiment by oral or skin contact has not been found. Rat oral LD50 = 2900 mg/kg. This product should be stored in leak, drafty, air dry place, away from open flames, as stipulated in the general low toxic chemicals storage and transport.

3。 Diethyl carbonate

chemical formula: C5H10O3 colorless liquid, slight odor; The vapor pressure 1. 33个kpa / 23。 8℃; The flash point of 25 ℃ ( Combustible liquid can evaporate into steam, ran into the air. Working temperature rise, increased evaporation. When the evaporation vapour and air is a mixture of contact with the flame can be flashed sparks, call this short combustion link flashover, the lowest temperature is called a flash flash point. The lower the flash point, the greater the risk of fire. ) ; Melting point - 43℃; The boiling point of 125. 8℃; Solubility: insoluble in water, can be mixed dissolve in many organic solvent such as alcohol, ketone, ester; Density, relative density ( Water = 1) 1. 0; Relative density ( Air = 1) 4. 07. Stability: stable. Danger tags: flammable liquid. Scope of application: used for solvent and used in organic synthesis.

lithium battery electrolyte production note

1. Polishing liquid electrolytic polishing bubbles can be created at the beginning of its use, so the polishing liquid liquid surface and polishing the distance between the tank top should not be & le; 15cm。

2。 Stainless steel workpiece before enter the polishing groove should as far as possible to remove residues in surface water, because of the workpiece with too much water could be polished surface caused by severe pitting, local erosion caused by the workpiece scrapped.

3。 In the process of electrolytic polishing, stainless steel workpiece as the anode, changing its iron, chromium element for metal ions into the liquid polishing is not in the cathode surface deposition. As the polishing process, the metal ion concentration increasing, when after reaching a certain value, these metal ions in the form of phosphate and sulphate precipitate out continuously from the polishing liquid, settling in polishing the bottom of the tank. For this purpose, the polishing liquid filter must be regularly, to remove these solid sediment.

4。 In the process of polishing tank operation, except the phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid consumption continuously moisture loss due to evaporation and electrolysis, in addition, the polishing liquid with high viscosity are artifacts entrainment loss, polishing liquid level is declining, often need to polishing tank adding fresh polishing liquid and water

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