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What is a lithium battery protection board, battery protection board have what effect?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-14

what is lithium battery pack protection board

lithium battery pack ( Rechargeable type) Why safety precautions, it is the decision by features on the value of it. Specific because lithium battery materials to the decision on the value of it cannot be excessive charging, overcharge, over current, short circuit fault fault and ultrahigh pressure heat charge and discharge, so the lithium battery lithium electric parts are often up as a delicate protection plate and a whole piece of current insurance often appear.

ordinary lithium battery pack protection board generally contains a control IC, MOS switch, resistor, capacitor and auxiliary device FUSE, PTC, NTC, ID, memory, etc. In the control of IC, in the case of confirmation will be a problem to control the MOS switch conduction, batteries and the external circuit conduction, and when the batteries voltage or current control loop over specified value, MOS switch is closed, it instantly control protection to ensure the safety of batteries.

what's the quantity of battery protection board for?

1, the overcharge protection

charging period usually basic it is more than an hour, people are unlikely to end still standing beside the charger for the battery. So long have a function to the system automatically after the battery power is no longer charging. This is the effect of lithium ion battery protection board of a kind.

2, put the protection

battery usually are proposed in the end, because this is easy to cause the battery over discharge damaged cells. This time is also the lithium ion battery protection board had put in a requirement of the low voltage protection function to close the battery, prevent cell damage.

3, short circuit protection

battery is unlikely to guarantee every basic is one hundred percent perfect, is often there will be a few internal short circuit fault of battery, the lithium ion battery protection board will be closed in milliseconds protection board, disconnect the power page will protect the batteries.

4, over-current protection

over current safety precautions specific because the chemical property of lithium ion battery, battery manufacturers specify the maximum discharge current should not exceed 2 c ( C = battery capacity per hour) , when the battery more than 2 c discharge current, may lead to long-term effective battery destroyed or security problems often. When the battery is in discharge period, namely is under a state of using and protecting plate has a function, maximum limit current just when the discharge current exceeds the current lithium ion battery protection board will automatically shut down, disconnect the power supply, there is no corresponding excessive current, will protect the battery from harm.

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