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What is a lithium battery, the advantages and disadvantages of lithium sulfur batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-12

recently, Australia's monash university foreign scientists to guys officially announced a news, foreign scientists say they have developed a new type of battery, the overall battery capacity and battery life, can be present in the world today can be said to be the highest working efficiency of lithium sulfur batteries, this kind of batteries can make touch screen mobile phone boot run for five days or more, or under the condition of the new energy car full electric motor vehicles more than one thousand kilometers. Actually has a lot of people interested in lithium sulfur batteries, that today we look at what is lithium battery, the advantages and disadvantages of lithium sulfur batteries.

what is lithium sulfur batteries

lithium-sulfur battery is lithium battery category, as of 2019, it is always in the scientific research and development. Lithium sulfur batteries with sulfur as a battery anode, metal lithium as negative electrode of lithium battery. Elemental sulfur in the earth's reserves is extremely rich, has a reasonable price, such as green environmental protection features. Using sulfur as the anode material of lithium sulfur batteries, the theory of material than theory of electric capacity and the battery energy is higher, more than 1675 mah/g and 2600 wh/kg, much higher than in general use in commercial cobalt acid lithium battery electric capacity ( < 150 mah/g) 。 And element sulfur is a kind of green environmental protection, basically no pollution to the environment, is a kind of great market prospect of lithium battery pack.

the advantages of lithium sulfur batteries

1. Lithium sulfur batteries light weight

the characteristics of its light was beneficial to the improvement of the overall energy density batteries. According to three kinds of common reaction of graphene, the sulfur graphene anode can be set up as much as nine hundred percent of the active material utilization ratio and good cycle stability.

2。 Lithium sulfur batteries conductive performance is good

use high entrance graphene as sulfur carrier, part of graphene oxide as a spacer layer, high conductive graphene as a collection of fluid, clear graphene based anode structure design was put forward. High entrance graphene has established the sulfur content of 80 wt % and electrode material and electrode MGCM - 5 2 the sulfur capacity.

3。 Low cost, wide material source

features simple structure, and wide material sources, very low product cost and little damage to the environment characteristic and strong life, make many enterprise managers considered the most suitable products of lithium-ion batteries.

4。 Strong special structure characteristics, range, high stability

use unique bridge structure characteristics, the innovative of the sulfur cathode, make it have stronger stress load and stable performance, range and stability has improved greatly by

the disadvantage of lithium sulfur batteries

first, elemental sulfur, and the discharge end product lithium sulfide ( Li2S) Poor electrical conductivity, the lower the utilization of active material and the dynamic performance is poorer, serious influence on the performance of the battery high-magnification

second, occurring in the process of polysulfide lithium battery pack charging operation in the ethers electrolyte solubility is opposite bigger, eventually will move to the cathode surface layer and self-discharge reaction once again, the lower the coulomb efficiency;

third, vulcanization lithium and lithium metal anode reaction and lithium sulfide deposit in the surface layer, the loss of active material and anode performance deterioration; Not according to the reversible reaction into sulfur or charging process is a high order of polysulfide, caused an unprecedented loss of capacitance.

4, in the process of sulfur in the battery charging operation volume change is opposite bigger, can damage the structure of the positive features stable performance.

5, lithium sulfur batteries using lithium metal as the cathode, in addition to its own enzymes, metallic lithium lithium metal anode in battery charging operation volume change will happen again, and it's easy to generate dendrite.

6, lithium sulfur batteries testing laboratory scale study more, sulfur capacity per unit area are generally in 3. 0 mg· cm - 2, under high load sheet was studied to obtain high performance lithium sulfur batteries have a vital market value.

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