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What is a lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide purposes

by:dcfpower     2020-10-26

lithium hydroxide normally stored in the dry air in between clean storehouse. To avoid fire and heat source. Prevent sun direct illuminate. Seal packaging design. Should and oxide, acid, CO2, taking dangerous goods stored apart, avoid by all means do not mix storage. Storage area should be equipped with the right material for leakage content. Good that is a lot of don't know the purpose of lithium hydroxide, today let's take a look at what is lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide purposes.

what lithium hydroxide is

lithium hydroxide ( Lithiumhydroxide) For white monoclinic tiny crystals, pungent, has strong alkaline, pKb = - 0. 04 [ 1] 。 That can absorb CO2 in gas and water. Water soluble, at 20 ℃ solubility is twelve. 8g/100gH2O[ 2 - 4] Ethanol, slightly soluble, is not easy to dissolve ether. 1 mol/L about 14 of the pH value of the solution. Relative density 1. 45, melting point 471 ℃, There is no water) , the boiling point of 925 ℃ ( Decomposition) And corrosive. Two forms with anhydride and the hydrate

lithium hydroxide USES

1. Lithium hydroxide can be used to make a spectrum analyzer of agents, industrial lubricants. Alkaline battery electrolyte additives, electric capacity can be improved one hundred and twenty percent ~ one hundred and fifty percent, increase service life of 2 ~ 3 times

2. Can be used to make the CO2 absorber, can purify the gas inside the submarine ( 2 lioh (its chemical reaction equations as follows: s) +CO2( g) =Li2CO3( s) +H2O)

3。 For making lithium salt and lithium grease, alkaline battery electrolyte, lithium bromide chiller digesting and absorbing liquid, lithium soap ( Lithium soap) , such as lithium, developer and analytical reagent, etc. ; Oil and gas, chemical industry, light industry, China nuclear industry etc. Used for alkaline battery, the aluminum content is not greater than zero. 06%, the lead is not greater than zero. 01%. Used for analysis reagent, photographic developer, also used in the manufacture of lithium; Will be used for preparing lithium compound materials. Can also be used in metallurgical industry, petroleum and natural gas, toughened glass, porcelain and other industries.

lithium hydroxide in the future development trend of

with high nickel battery demand has increased, lithium hydroxide demand rises greatly. Industry insiders think that, in 2020 began to gradually battery grade lithium hydroxide as the raw material of high nickel ternary lithium battery pack will gradually become the mainstream market demand. Normally, each 1 GWH high nickel ternary lithium battery pack needs to be about 787. 5 tons of lithium hydroxide. According to the forecast, in 2018 countries around the world battery grade lithium hydroxide or usher in explosive growth, demand is expected to be up to 4. 70000 tons. Forecasts for 2018 - In 2020 countries around the world demand for lithium hydroxide battery field compound growth rate of 78%.

high nickel battery is a big trend of the future development trend, from countries all over the world, the industry has many enterprises. Choose 811 / NCA high nickel anode, lithium battery 6 - drop in cost 8%, double gross profit margin, the anode materials and can improve the car range. Industry insiders, in 2018 should be 811 / NCA high nickel battery production starting.

battery Chinese netizens think, a few years in the future, 811 / NCA high nickel anode material demand outbreak, lithium hydroxide or appear in short supply situation, tesla motors, hisense chemical scale purchase of lithium hydroxide, this time can be said to be the precautions, countries all over the world in the future enterprise will be increasingly fierce competition for lithium hydroxide.

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