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What is a lithium secondary battery, a battery and a secondary battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-08

a lithium battery pack with high specific energy, long life expectancy, and the leakage resistance and other unique, but with poor safety performance. So far can already industrialized manufacturing of lithium secondary batteries, a lithium battery are: lithium iodine cell ( Li/I2) , lithium manganese dioxide battery ( Li/MnO2) Copper oxide, lithium batteries, Li/CuO) Batteries, lithium fluoride carbon ( Li/( CF) n) , lithium thionyl chloride battery ( Li/SOCl2) , lithium sulfur dioxide battery ( Li/SO2) And so on. As we are a battery and lithium battery manufacturer secondary battery 18650 nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries also have a certain amount, that we take a look at what is at the bottom of the secondary lithium battery pack pack, the difference between a battery and secondary battery!

what is a lithium secondary battery

is divided into a and the secondary lithium battery. A li-ion battery is not rechargeable lithium battery, secondary li-ion battery is rechargeable lithium batteries.

a lithium-ion batteries in the civilian industry applies: common instrument RAM and CMOS circuit board storage and back-up power: memory backup power, clock and watch, database backup power supply, such as all kinds of smart card meter /; Intelligent water meter, electricity meter, heat meter, gas meter of natural gas, camera; Electronics engineering surveying instrument, intelligent terminal equipment; In manufacturing led widely used in automation automation instrument and equipment, automotive electronic appliances TPMS gas Wells, oil exploration, coal mining enterprises, medical equipment products, anti-theft alarm system, wireless communication, Marine life-saving equipment, frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion motor, touch screen, etc. ; Secondary lithium batteries are applicable to you can often come into contact with a variety of mobile phone batteries, battery car battery, new energy electric vehicle batteries, digital camera batteries, etc.

the difference between a cell and secondary battery

1. Internal resistance, discharge performance naturally not the same as

a battery internal resistance than secondary battery, the large current discharge performance as well as secondary battery. Under the condition of low current, intermittent discharge, a battery quality specific capacity than common secondary battery, but when the discharge current more than 800 mah, advantage is a battery capacity can be very effectively reduce obviously.

2。 Secondary battery of green environmental protection, can recycle

secondary battery relative to a more ecological and environmental protection. After a battery must be discarded, and rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again, can meet the national standards of secondary rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again normally above one thousand times, in other words, solid waste produced by the rechargeable battery is less than one over one thousand of the battery, both to reduce solid waste makes full use of natural resources and the perspective of market economy, the advantages of secondary battery is very obvious.

3。 Self-discharge is different times

the self-discharge of the battery is far less than once a secondary battery. A battery can discharge time, such as, alkaline battery and carbon battery fit into this category, the secondary battery can be recycled over and over again.

4。 Battery capacity is different

a battery quality specific capacity and volume specific capacity than regular grade rechargeable batteries, but the internal resistance is far larger than the secondary battery, so the load capacity is low. Secondary battery during discharge electrode produce reversible change between volume and structure characteristics, and a battery inside is much simpler, because it is no need to adjust the reversible change.

a battery and common secondary battery

a common battery: zinc - Manganese dry battery, alkaline zinc - Zinc manganese dry battery, - Mercury - batteries, zinc Silver button cell, lithium battery. Common secondary battery: the lithium ion secondary battery, lithium polymer lithium battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid battery.

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