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What is a magnesium aluminium sodium hydroxide battery, magnesium aluminum battery electrode reaction

by:dcfpower     2020-12-07

what is magnesium aluminium sodium hydroxide battery?

sodium hydroxide magnesium aluminum battery refers to the magnesium aluminum in the sodium hydroxide solution is formed in the battery.

magnesium aluminum battery electrodes reactive

electrode reactive ion equation writing

this is because the Al can react with NaOH solution and Mg can't, so is the cathode is Al, level is Mg

is negative: 2 Al - 6 e + 4哦, =2AlO2- + 2 h2o is level: 2 h2o + 2 = 2 oh - e +H2↑ , the total response: 2 al naoh + 2 + 2 h2o + 3 h2 = 2 naalo2 & uarr;

based on galvanic cell is negative should be lost electronic reaction, the thorough analysis to know aluminium lost electronic

is the cathode electrode reaction of 2 al - 6e- = 2 al3 +, this is because the solution of sodium hydroxide alkali, so don't get the aluminum ions, hydroxyl, will get partial aluminum and aluminum ion reaction acid radical

so the actual is negative reactive: 2 al - 6e- + 8哦- =2AlO2- 4 h2o +

galvanic cell shall be for the reaction of electronic level is, the thorough analysis can get electronic know hydrogen ions in water into hydrogen

is level of electrode reaction: 6 h2o + e - =3H2↑ + 6哦- - -

is the cathode reaction together, get the overall reaction equation for ion: oh - 2 al + 2 +6H2O=2AlO2- +3H2↑ +4H2O

( Must be seriously, water is can't offset, only such ability can reflect the aluminum and sodium hydroxide solution of REDOX reaction essence. This is because the water is in front of oxidant, the back of the water is neutral products, nature is different)

if only the simplest equation is obtained in the reaction model for al + 2 oh - namely +2H2O=2AlO2- +3H2↑ , is the first to write the most Jane the whole number of chemical equation corresponding ionic equation.

galvanic alloy material is relatively active in the cathode

we know: according to the metal active sorting, than aluminum magnesium is lively, so, magnesium should do is negative. Actually do the battery in the magnesium is positive.

so, we can correct paper is as follows: when the battery electrolyte when choosing the strong oxidizing acid ( Such as hydrochloric acid, dilute sulphuric acid) Galvanic alloy material is relatively active in the cathode

reason lies in: metal active sorting, alloy material is relative to the oxidizing acid ( Hydrogen ions) Draw off or sorting.

system-and the feeling is: the primary element of lively alloy material also is not do is negative.

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