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What is a military lithium-ion batteries, military lithium ion battery strengths and weaknesses

by:dcfpower     2020-11-18

in recent years, many countries in the world today is lithium battery as a new type batteries and battery of non-traditional security, a new type of lithium battery has many characteristics, to show that the use of hand-held electronic devices among the irreplaceable competitive advantage. With the continuous development of new energy science and technology, more and more perfect, the production cost of batteries are also greatly reduce, along with the improvement of market share lithium-ion batteries in the consumer electronics factory production and processing equipment, and gradually build the leading role, and in the airline and aerospace engineering, ocean voyage, artificial earth satellite, and military communications equipment and transport industry applications received, the progress of lithium battery pack technology will not only promote the development of 3 c products rate, will also promote the development of national defense and telecommunications technology. Today let's take a look at what is military lithium-ion batteries, military lithium-ion batteries, advantages and disadvantages.

what military is lithium battery

military lithium battery as a power system, electronic equipment, widely used in recent years in arms landing craft, and torpedo-boats, small unmanned aircraft, and other areas of the industry, with excellent performance, gradually become the crucial power of military technology.

lithium ion batteries as new generation rechargeable batteries, high voltage is greater than the energy, work standards, working temperature is wide, long cycle life cycle, safety performance is high, is the key to product research and development prospects. It also has the characteristic such as maintenance, low maintenance requirements, no memory, can every moment in the battle quick charge, generally don't have any site maintenance, lighten the burden of logistics management, so get the world each country attaches great importance to and development of the army. In recent years, lithium ion batteries are widely used in his arms, landing craft, small unmanned aircraft, air-to-air combat system software four axis plane and so on military technology.

the lithium battery is the SONY in 1991 after the smooth development of nickel metal hydride batteries and other traditional chemical battery of a new generation of quick charge lithium battery. principle is simple, safety performance is good, long battery life, is a kind of new type of power system.

the working principle of military battery

is not the same as polymer lithium battery pack electrolyte ion conductive ability of the polymer. Polymer lithium battery production processing, can be made into large area uniform film, it can greatly reduce the battery resistance; Toughness and plasticity, still can keep in good contact with the electrode in the solid-state batteries, can increase the discharge current; Liquid electrolyte battery is by putting the battery in series to obtain high voltage, polymer battery with no fluid itself, can make multi-level high voltage within a single star; In addition, given the battery choose soft material encapsulation, permissible bending, folding, appearance design is more flexible and convenient

military lithium batteries

lithium battery has the following competitive advantages in defence and security. High working frequency. charging and discharging work standard voltage is equal to the three conventional batteries. Energy is higher than it is a 2 - batteries Three times, small size, light in weight. The circulatory system has a longer service life. Greatly reduce the construction cost of damage. There is no air pollution. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals than standard, it is clean energy. No memory. To random quick charge batteries, especially in the fighting and emergency cases show that excellent performance indicators. Low maintenance rate. In general, in the upcoming war, there is no need to hold all the protection and reduce the burden of logistics management. In addition, it has the advantages of high safety performance, wide working temperature.

military lithium ion battery defect

1, the incorrect use of a security risk: in view of the lithium ion battery material is very lively, if use improper will appear electrolyte decomposition, combustion and explosion of major security incidents.

2, different discharge ratio for available capacity of the battery interfere with relatively large.

3, quick charge and discharge could cause unrecoverable damage to the battery: specifically for the above shortcomings, general large capacity lithium battery used for line protection device to monitor the process of the battery.

4, cryogenic malignant change the battery performance is very obvious, reduce discharge platform, the output power cut and can be lessened electricity consumption, etc.

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