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What is a nickel-chromium battery, nickel chromium battery strengths and weaknesses

by:dcfpower     2020-12-11

nickel-chromium batteries were the first to appear dry rechargeable batteries, and now the development to the production technology in the new century has been very perfect, price is low, the price of the alkaline battery only three or four times, the actual use is equivalent to 500 knots paste zinc-manganese batteries, so the fee is very low. Before we nickel-chromium battery is very common that time with now the progress of the society development, now has a lot of replaced nickel-chromium batteries, lithium-ion batteries so zero zero after a lot of don't know what a nickel-chromium battery was, what type of battery? Ok today we take a look at what is a nickel-chromium battery, nickel chromium battery advantages and disadvantages.

what is a nickel-chromium battery

nickel cadmium battery ( Ni- Cd,Nickel- CadmiumBatteries, Ni - CdRechargeableBattery。 ) Was initially used in mechanical equipment such as mobile phones, superfamily of cell types, it has excellent large current discharge characteristics, resistant to over charge and discharge capacity, easy maintenance. Nickel cadmium battery is a kind of dc power supply battery, nickel cadmium battery charge and discharge can be repeated more than 500 times, economic and durable. Its internal resistance is small, not only a very small internal resistance, can fast charge, and can provide high current load, and the discharge voltage change is very small, it is a kind of ideal dc supply batteries.

when the battery charge instead of chemical reaction. Nickel cadmium battery is the most fatal drawback is that, in the process of charging and discharging if treatment is not correct, there will be a serious & other; Memory effect & throughout; To shorten the service life. To put it bluntly & other; Memory effect & throughout; Before batteries in the battery, the battery power is not completely free of, the longer it will cause the battery capacity is reduced, in the process of battery charging and discharging, Discharge is relatively significant) , it will produce some small bubbles on the battery plate, many a mickle makes a muckle these bubbles to reduce the surface area of the battery plate also indirectly affect the capacity of the battery. Naturally, we can grasp and reasonable charge and discharge method to reduce & other; Memory effect & throughout; 。 In addition, cadmium is toxic, so the nickel cadmium battery is not conducive to the natural ecological environment protection. Many shortcomings to nickel cadmium battery has basically eliminated the digital equipment using range of the battery.

nickel-chromium battery discharge chemical equation:

Ni ( 哦) 2 - e + OH- → Cd (NiOOH + H2O negative reaction happened: 哦) 2 + 2e → Cd + 2哦, 2 ni (overall reaction is: 哦) 2 + Cd( 哦) 2→ 2NiOOH+ Cd+ 2H2O.

nickel-chromium batteries

1. Nickel cadmium battery charge and discharge can repeat five hundred times or more, 100% of the economy; Small internal resistance, can provide high current discharge, when the discharge voltage change is small, as dc regulated power supply is a kind of very good quality batteries;

2。 This is because the selecting fully sealed, so there will be no electrolyte leakage out of the situation, also do not need to supplement electrolyte fully; With other types of batteries is worth mentioning that the nickel cadmium battery overcharge resistant or pass electricity, operation is simple and convenient and quick;

3。 The placement of a long time will not make bad performance, while 100% after filling the electricity can be restored the original features; Can be used in wide temperature range;

4。 Because it choose metal containers and done mechanically strong; Nickel cadmium battery at 100% under the strict quality management have been production is completed, 100% of sexual lai of high quality.

the disadvantage of nickel-chromium battery

nickel-chromium battery after the raw materials used, the inside of chromium metal will do harm to the environment. Cadmium metal have pollution to environment, small battery capacity, cycle is short, so the nickel cadmium battery is one of the most low battery. Have a memory effect. Every time the battery must be first discharge, then the battery.

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