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What is a secondary battery, secondary rechargeable batteries and what is the difference between a battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-09

over time, the continuous development of human progress, now many various models of lithium batteries are continuous development design research, battery power supply and distribution system is already widely used nowadays. Secondary battery has become the crucial power energy, for electronic system offers a more environmentally friendly than primary solution, this is because they can charge not require new batteries, the old battery when consumed away. Today will tell you what is a secondary battery, secondary rechargeable battery and what is the difference between a battery.

what is a secondary battery

secondary battery it rechargeable batteries or battery, is refers to according to the method of charge after the battery discharge make active substances to unlock and use the battery again. Make full use of the chemical change of reversible, can build a new battery, when after a chemical change into electric energy, you can also use electricity can make chemical system repair, and then make full use of the chemical changes into electrical energy, so called secondary battery ( Rechargeable battery) 。 More common on the market at present with lead-acid battery, gel battery, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, power lithium batteries, lithium polymer batteries, ternary lithium iron phosphate battery, etc. This is due to the different types of secondary battery rated current, the motor rated power, using temperature and its safety coefficient, has its different use. On manufacturing in many cell types of raw materials used and manufacturing process on the materials used have pollution, on the natural environment and has the very big harm to human body.

secondary batteries

secondary battery rechargeable battery advantages: can be used repeatedly storage time is long, is also relatively low self-discharge rate, lower the total weight and convenient to carry. Several times using the average price is relatively high cost performance, large discharge current, is mainly used for use comparatively too frequently for electrical equipment and power consumption is very big.

the role of the secondary battery rechargeable batteries

secondary battery in many consumer market and its application of light industries play a vital role, in the main power supply to provide essential back-up power when there is mechanical breakdown. They can be as sudden blackouts trip of electric energy, can also allow replace battery without missing data is stored in non-volatile memory of the precious data information. The use of rechargeable technology allow their use from the main source of energy to maintain fully charged and ready for data management system.

a battery and what is the difference between secondary rechargeable battery

the difference between a battery and secondary battery is very large, a mostly common dry cell batteries, is not able to charge. For the second time the working voltage of the battery, storage capacity, cycle life, will be lower than a battery, many fall how many specific how long it need to look at the secondary battery using cycle how many time

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