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What is a solid-state batteries, the advantages and disadvantages of solid state lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-09-29

all solid state lithium battery is a contrast in liquid lithium battery pack, its structure characteristics of excluding with liquid, all materials are all solid structure type universal energy storage device. First phase with people learn about what is a solid-state batteries. Battery small make up take you know what is a solid-state batteries today, the advantages and disadvantages of solid state lithium batteries.

what is a solid-state batteries

solid-state batteries to put it bluntly, popular is the use of solid material as the electrolyte solution. Compared with the traditional lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries advantage prominent, in similar energy using solid electrolyte as electrolytes and film, solid-state batteries, thinner and smaller volume. And considering the solid electrolyte ACTS as the traditional lithium battery pack is likely to combustion of organic electrolyte, thus solved the high efficiency energy density and high safety factor two big difficulties, then solve the pure electric car users & other Range anxiety & throughout; That hope to achieve fast charging.

solid state lithium batteries

1. All good, electrolyte solution corrosion, non-flammable, also does not have liquid leakage;

2。 Security is good, can in 60 ℃ - Run between one hundred and twenty ℃;

3。 Hope to get more energy density. Solid electrolyte, good physical performance, can effectively inhibit the growth of diameter lithium elemental composition of short-circuit fault condition, can prompt the theoretical capacity stronger metal electrodes, such as lithium elemental do; The working voltage of solid electrolyte window is more wide, can use potential stronger material do the positive and anxiety electrolyte solution differentiation between the wing;

solid state lithium battery pack defect

1. The time when the environment temperature is lower, internal resistance is relatively large;

2。 Material conductivity is not high, high power density on the difficulties;

3。 Machining large capacity for a single difficulties;

5。 A wide range of processing is negative into membrane technology is in the making in gathered firepower to explore.

lithium battery pack or solid lithium battery good

as endurance perspective, the single ternary lithium battery energy density current are also encounters the bottleneck, unable to make progress. If want to increase the energy density, only can increase the content of nickel or is combined with CA, but the thermal stability of the high nickel is poor, very easy to produce intense reaction. At present, so can only to choose in between the battery capacity and security. Solid state lithium batteries because of its high security, high energy density advantages as is the developmental trend of new energy electric vehicle battery technology line, at present many developed countries around the world are focusing on research and development of solid-state batteries.

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