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What is a special lithium battery at low temperature, low temperature characteristics of the lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-27

you should know that low temperature environment leads to the corresponding influence on lithium battery performance. Low temperature lithium battery is for the use of chemical power source properties inherent in the low temperature defect, specially developed a kind of special battery, from the perspective of low temperature can be divided into civilian batteries, special low temperature low temperature, extreme low temperature environment of the three. Today we mainly want to talk about the special low temperature lithium battery, and the characteristics of it, that's good then we take a look at what is the special low temperature lithium batteries, the characteristics of low temperature lithium batteries.

introduction to what is the special low temperature lithium battery

the special low temperature lithium battery is a type of the specified requirements, the temperature is mainly aimed at minus temperature 40 ℃ low temperature environment, requiring battery at 0. 2 c discharge can exceed 80% of the rated capacity. Mainly features at a lower temperature to full capacity, can work normally. Currently on the market for commercial civilian low temperature lithium battery is a good low temperature performance of polymer lithium cobalt acid lithium formula lithium-ion batteries in the battery. After years of development, a lot of lithium battery manufacturer has its own unique battery formula, in made special lithium battery has a very good special.

the characteristics of low temperature lithium battery pack

1. Using low temperature discharge performance is high, the lowest in - 50 ℃ to 0. 2 c discharge, efficiency is above 60%; In - 40 ℃ environment to 0. 2 c discharge, the discharge capacity by 80%; Low temperature lithium battery, wide working temperature range 50° C to 50 & deg; C;

2。 Excellent low temperature cycle performance, in - 30 ℃ environment with 0. 5 c to charge and discharge, after a 300 - cycle capacity maintain above 85%; Safety performance is high, through the UL/CE/UN certification; Size of flexible, can according to customer requirements, design custom on the size and shape;

3。 Compared with traditional lithium polymer battery, promoted - The discharge temperature limit of 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. Have the ability to mass production, the battery of unity;

4。 in - low temperature Under 50 ℃ can lead to high current, maintain large capacity; - 50 ℃ under the work place, still can maintain its good performance; Can be widely used in cold climate and military equipment.

low temperature on the performance of lithium-ion batteries what effect is there?

low temperature, viscosity reduction of electrolyte. Electrical conductivity to fall, the activity of active material can also be reduced. Will make the electrolyte concentration, polarization, early termination to the li-ion batteries. Lithium iron phosphate has a fatal weakness, low temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries battery slightly less than that of the other technical system. Low temperature of the lithium iron phosphate anode, electrolyte and adhesive is exist.

activity of the anode materials under low temperature decrease, make can produce mobile discharge current decline in the number of lithium ion, is the direct cause of capacity decline.

low temperature lithium battery performance decline is more serious, at the same time in the lithium ion battery charging and discharging process there will be some side effects. This is primarily a lithium ion in some side effects and electrolyte irreversible reaction, can lead to lithium battery capacity decline, make the battery performance further progression.

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