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What is a super capacitor, super capacitor battery strengths and weaknesses

by:dcfpower     2020-12-14

super capacity battery into battery company in recent years special attention hot spot, the super capacitor is what do you know that? Supercapacitors than lithium iron phosphate batteries, solid-state batteries, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries are more excellent, advantage is that the battery faster, high efficiency, fast point discharge efficiency and resistance to filling, super capacitor cell defects and its advantage is also outstanding. Because of super battery too fast point discharge rate and low resistance, if under the condition of poor design, the essence is & other; Energy throughout all of a sudden outbreak &; The hidden dangers. Today is to take you to understand what is super capacitor, super capacitor battery advantages and disadvantages.

what is super capacitor

super capacitor, full name, also known as the photoelectric catalysis capacitance of electric double layer capacitors, gold capacitor, farah capacitance, from s and 80 s grew up on the basis of electric polarization electrolyte to a kind of photoelectric catalysis components of energy storage. It is different from the traditional chemical power source, is a kind of close to traditional capacitor and batteries, with special performance between the power and the first depend on the electric double layer and REDOX turns capacitance positive charge for electricity. But not react in the whole process of energy storage, this kind of energy storage process is reversible, it is because of the super capacitor can be repeated charge and discharge more than 10, ten thousand times.

: super capacitor is a kind of new has far beyond the traditional capacitor, and extremely high energy storage density of the capacitor. Unlike traditional capacitor, super capacitor is no longer used solid electrolytic medium, it is the application of static electric double layer capacitor and photoelectric catalysis turns capacitance. First used in the photovoltaic power generation equipment, thermal power, wind power and new energy electric power and other fields.

working principle of the super capacitor

the basic concepts and other varieties of electric double layer capacitors in the same way, basic it is make full use of porous activated carbon electrodes and the electrolyte of electric double layer structure of very large capacity. Outstanding advantage is high power density, fast charge and discharge time is short, circulation service life is long, wide temperature range, is in the world today has go into mass production capacity in the electric double layer capacitor. Based on the energy storage mechanism of different can is divided into the following two types of capacitance.

1, Faraday quasi capacitance principle:

its working principle is put forward by the Conway first clear, point discharge, this into the oxide ions, is on the basis of the above the adverse reaction of REDOX reaction again to the electrolyte, meanwhile the positive charge on the basis of external storage, release, this is Faraday quasi capacitor charging and discharging mechanism.

2, the working principle of electric double layer capacitor

when the battery to the electrode, in the ideal state of electric polarization electrode electrode surface surrounding the positive charge will attract the opposite sex ions in electrolyte solution, make the ion attached to the electrode layer formed on the surface of double positive charge, electric double layer capacitor. Because the distance of the two positively charged layer is very small, Most of 0. 5 nm) of the following , plus choose special electrode structure, the electrode surface area thousands of times to ascend, and unprecedented capacitance.

super capacity battery advantage

1. The battery faster

the battery ten seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than nine hundred and fifty percent of the nominal capacity

2. High efficiency and high energy than

power capacity is big, can instantly to form large energy, whole process point discharge loss of small, quick energy cycle is equal to the battery of about five times more than the

3. Point discharge efficiency and resistance to fill

ultra high temperature resistance at seventy-five ℃ condition can still continue to work, also can in turn - 40 ℃ condition to work

4. Long life, no memory effect

circulation service life is long, deep recharge cycles applied frequency can reach 1 ~ five hundred thousand times, no & other; Memory effect & throughout;

5。 Super capacitor capacity battery production of raw materials of green environmental protection

natural pollution-free raw material structure, the production of waste garbage not form harmful objects, is an ideal green environmental protection battery

super capacity battery defect.

1。 High cost of production

high preparation cost, technology is difficult to accept for manufacturing

2. Low energy density is more nature is not the lithium iron phosphate battery

is the energy density of super capacitor & other Achilles' heel & throughout; 。 In order to promote the energy density of super capacitor, mass flow of money into the capital from all over the world and the human resources in the study of science. All over the world, however, the route of scientific research, the basic is the specific capacity of scientific research to enhance the new electrode material and electrode, or scientific research on electrode surface chemical reaction of the composite electrode, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai silicate by public, super capacitor energy density of super capacitor problem haven't seen disruptive progress.

3。 Manufacturing technology of nitriding treatment impact on the ecological environment problems have

if the techniques appropriate to the choice of the testing laboratory of manufacturing nitric acid treatment nitriding process, environmental health evaluation certificate is very difficult indeed.

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