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What is a T - Battery BOX, T - BOX batteries advantages and disadvantages of

by:dcfpower     2020-11-14

everyone know what is in our daily life new energy vehicles, the car above T - do you know BOX battery? It's a new energy tbox with built-in battery, T - BOX battery power at present our country the development of car manufacturing. The birth of this battery car networking systems and services to the development of the new car is very important to give full play to the function. A lot of people still do not know much about T - That I know is hearsay, battery BOX, also is not very comprehensive, today we're going to detailed said T - is what Battery BOX, T - BOX battery advantages and disadvantages. Also can click the link directly 3. 6 v AAA500mAh T - BOX car wide temperature know T - nimh batteries Box of batteries for details.

T - is what BOX battery

TelematicsBOX batteries, abbreviated on-board T - Battery BOX, T - To use the battery is nickel metal hydride battery BOX processing and manufacturing of put into use. So far, the T - BOX is equipped with backup battery, its effect is the main power supply car batteries, when the power is able to continuously for T - BOX running supply current, so that when the car after system failure, T - BOX can run normally for a period of time, to run the motor vehicles in the current working status information to upload.

battery can help car networking system contains four parts, host, vehicle-mounted T - Supply power electricity BOX, smart phones, apps. The host key to the car's intelligent video, and owner information display; On-board T - Key to the BOX and the background system/smart phone app software communication, intelligent mobile phone app owner information display and control of the software. When the user sent via mobile phone client apps control command, TSP background have a monitor to on-board T - request instructions BOX, a motor vehicle after the access to the control command, through CAN bus to send control packets and realize the control of the motor vehicle, the final feedback on operating results to the user's smartphone app software, this feature CAN help users only remotely start motor vehicles, open air conditioning, adjust the seat to the appropriate location, etc.

T - BOX batteries

1. Performance is better than a lithium battery pack, more efficient

T - BOX battery voltage to match, the working voltage of lithium batteries and batteries voltage level is different, the electric car battery, when the power is able to continuously for T - BOX running current supply.

2。 The security and stability of high working voltage, charge and discharge

single working voltage 1. 2 v, 600 mah capacity ( T- BOX use single battery pack, 3 or 4) 。

3。 Resistance to high temperature low temperature

operating temperature range, are you like: - 30° C - 85° C, high safety, resistant to high temperature and high humidity environment in double 85 degrees using the

4. Long service life and can be used for a long time, high cycle times

the service life is long, life for up to 5 - Ten years cycle cycle count more than five hundred times.

5。 T- BOX less battery

motor vehicles used in a long time in the evening, still can continue to supply power, in theory, T - BOX won't consume much electric

T - Battery BOX faults

1. Process cost is higher

process complex, need more than after a section of the production process to create a shape, cost is higher, also produce T - BOX battery production cost is not low, even get rid of the early scientific research and development cost, the processing cost of the material and the preparation of high cost of the battery, will make the final unit cost of energy storage battery high

2. No unified standards of the state, poor consistency

today wasn't a T - at home BOX battery makers can solve this problem. From the point of the material preparation, synthetic reaction of nimh batteries is a complex multiphase reaction, has a solid phase nickel metal hydride ion, plus a phase carbon precursor and reduction of chi. In this complex reaction steps, to ensure that the consistency of the reaction.

T - BOX battery manufacturers recommend

3. 6 vaaa mAhT - five hundred BOX car wide temperature nickel metal hydride batteries. Product features: high and low temperature with high efficiency, - 40° & C and 85 deg. C to charge and discharge efficiency is much higher than the panasonic and VARTA, welcome Mr. Sample review

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