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What is a ternary lithium batteries, the advantages and disadvantages of the ternary polymer lithium batteries | industry information

by:dcfpower     2020-10-25

must have many friends all prepared to buy new energy electric vehicles heard the name of the ternary lithium batteries, key technologies in power lithium battery on the selection of industry market has made a clear reference answer. Choose from international core car companies, and other Three yuan & throughout; Line one-sided new pattern has been established, including guangzhou Honda, Volkswagen passat, ford, BMW, tesla motors, and other car companies are in its electric or plug-in hybrid on the main line disappears chose three yuan power lithium batteries. 。 Have you ever thought, why on earth called ternary lithium batteries ternary lithium battery? Today we take a look at what is a ternary lithium batteries, the advantages and disadvantages of the ternary polymer lithium battery.

what is a ternary lithium battery

the ternary polymer lithium battery is refers to the nickel ( Ni) Cobalt ( Co) Manganese ( Mn) Three kinds of metal elements. , ternary material do the positive battery relatively in cobalt acid lithium battery safety performance is high, but working voltage is too low, use on a mobile phone, Usually in 3 phones by voltage. The appearance of 0 v) There is also a very obvious enough storage capacity. With the ternary material as the anode material of power lithium battery in recent years, with the aid of its high storage capacity, cycle stability ( Battery life) Good and relatively low production cost, gradually replaced the nimh batteries, cobalt acid lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, become the industry at the core of the battery on the market at present stage. The world most small and medium-sized high ratio power lithium battery pack using the ternary cathode material

the ternary polymer lithium batteries

1. High safety performance

under high temperature and weather condition, the ternary lithium batteries ternary material will form dissolved at two hundred ℃, the formation of strong exothermic reaction, emitting oxygen molecules, and under the action of high temperature weather is very easy to form the combustion or explosion. Phosphate lithium battery solution temperature in eight hundred ℃, more is not so easy to fire, the temperature of the ability to adapt is relatively higher safety performance.

2。 Stability is strong, strong cyclical, longer service life

high energy density, cycle performance is good, more suitable for the future development trend of the future of new energy car battery, apply to the weather in the north, ultra-low temperature when the battery is more stable.

3。 Can improve the storage capacity of materials

smaller, lithium nickel ion solubility layer are relatively large, can improve the body energy density in the material, and each time using ternary lithium battery pack cycle attenuation is small, greatly improve the work efficiency.

the shortcoming of the ternary polymer lithium battery pack

1. Material production cost higher

aluminum nickel and cobalt acid lithium batteries, at this stage cost is higher, usually small business companies can't afford to mass production.

2。 Structure safety performance is poor

three yuan power lithium battery materials mainly include aluminum nickel and cobalt acid lithium batteries, nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium battery, etc. , due to the high temperature weather structure of the aluminum nickel and cobalt is not stable, lead to the hot weather safety performance is poor, and high pH make the monomer easily bilge gas, causing danger, at this stage cost is higher with raw materials are high also.

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