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What is a uav lithium-ion batteries, what is the distinguishing feature of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-26

drones in the lithium battery for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is like a gun and rifle bullet, if do not have enough weapons have more guns is useless. Now most drones can also voyage the appearance of more than 25 minutes, it includes the xinjiang enterprise products and many other products currently on the market. This unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) lithium battery its batteries and can be divided into two categories, one is 18650 uavs batteries, lithium ion batteries is one of the polymer lithium battery pack each have each advantage, the benefits of the us in terms of what is today uavs lithium battery, what is the distinguishing feature of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery.

what is unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) lithium battery pack

drone use lithium battery that is one of the industry is very popular on the market of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is particularly important on the battery. Uavs batteries, as one of the driving force source of unmanned aerial vehicles, uavs is made up of the super light to the configuration have the entity model of cameras, but the majority of cases, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) basically is to use lithium ion battery and lithium polymer batteries, lithium battery is the most suitable for use on the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The performance of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) depends on its application scope to the specified requirements of the battery, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) put battery batteries must be fast, requiring large ratio of discharge and need more batteries battery to fully meet the voltage and current of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) formation, it is need good consistency of battery discharge heat deformation small!

4 axis unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) lithium battery pack

4 axis uavs lithium battery, basic it is with polymer batteries, usually for 3 s or 4 s. In fact, storage battery and not the bigger the better, The storage, the greater the cell containing the heavier) Because of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to remove the battery life a requirement to, also have a specified requirements on battery power, storage capacity, high power, battery capacity is not over, the plane can fly how long, therefore, the battery must be required in accordance with the provisions of the drones, configuration suitable storage and ratio ( Ratio is usually 25 C - 30 c, in fact, according to the characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to decide)

what is the distinguishing feature of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery

1. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) high-power discharge battery can also be a short time

lithium electricity advantage is a strong power. Li- fe( Lithium iron phosphate batteries) Cycles for 1000 times, can be put in charge, good safety coefficient of discharge rate, the greater the battery can release more current, in general the discharge ratio big battery charging current will be larger.

2。 Smaller uavs high capacity battery, using the voltage

uavs high capacity battery, using the voltage, voltage only 3 only. 2V。 Lithium polymer battery can also achieve high capacity, under the same power output voltage, the higher the need of current is smaller, convenient fully meet the demand of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) rc aircraft voltage

3. Manufacturing technology is more mature and stable, the battery has a high ratio of

in the production of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) battery technology mature and stable, like lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery widely put into market, very early in this technology developed on the premise designed uavs batteries, stable technology mature and stable, cost-effective

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