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What is a USB rechargeable batteries, USB rechargeable batteries advantages and disadvantages

by:dcfpower     2020-10-09

what is a USB rechargeable batteries

USB rechargeable lithium battery is a new battery, the basic concept is very high precision, this kind of battery will be the world's general standard USB power plug to infiltrate traditional dry cell in the design of appearance, internal structure, use the mature of lithium polymer batteries, and then use the USB interface can quickly for battery recharging.

now in the industry market can buy 5 USB rechargeable battery, in fact is in each rechargeable battery monomer embedded within a USB power plug or socket and a small 5 v charging circuit. But 5 of the specifications of the battery model is fixed, therefore, is to reduce the volume of batteries in the battery, the battery charge and discharge of storage capacity is decreased. If also requires such large capacity battery, as this type of battery is essential to use more advanced technology, battery costs will be very obvious increase, so the USB rechargeable batteries on market sales price, storage capacity are not consistent, and overall price actually is not very high, just use more efficient at fast.

so you can also think USB rechargeable batteries is to sacrifice the battery storage capacity, in order to get convenience for convenience or to a high price. Charge, after all, you just need to insert the other USB port, it can be used in less than a few hours of AA batteries fully charged. In other to use AA batteries and like AA batteries keep charging equipment in use. If it is cheap and fine products, as early as in industry area sold on the market, as the industry that sells on the market now mobile charger.

USB rechargeable batteries are: various specifications of AA, AAA, 1. 2 v, 9 v, cell phone batteries, and often use the type, available desktop host, notebook PC, XBOX and public site to recharge, so you don't have to bring the charger, at the same time a child who also see that there are no. 1 USB battery, so basic as well as cover the traditional dry cell using range, is to give more people the choice of more humanized management.

USB rechargeable batteries advantages and disadvantages of

1. The structure of the lithium battery pack lightweight design.

2。 Advanced production design department, the development of the figure.

3。 service life is long, resistance to high temperature and low temperature.

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