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What is alkaline zinc-manganese batteries, the advantages and disadvantages of alkaline battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-06

alkaline zinc manganese dry cell is known as the alkaline manganese battery, is our life daily life is relatively commonly used in battery, belonging to the international organization for standardization products, widely used in medical equipment, electric remote control cars, intelligent remote control, industrial computer, digital camera and other kitchen appliances. In the past two years, at present our country zinc manganese battery industry maintained steady and fast development trend for a long time, China is already the world's largest zinc manganese battery production and processing. It is a common battery technology upgrading of cost-effective products. Then let's take a look at with you to understand what is alkaline zinc manganese battery, the advantages and disadvantages of alkaline batteries.

what is alkaline zinc manganese battery

is the cathode with zinc, manganese dioxide as positive pole, the solution of ferric chloride solution as electrolyte battery. Generally referred to as the alkaline manganese battery, alias alkaline batteries. Its product series products are in English letter & other; LR” Representative, after that the figures show that the model of the battery. The first appeared in Germany enterprise intellectual property of alkaline manganese battery is a kind of wet battery. In 1912 and has a dry cell for German enterprises intellectual property rights. Until 1949 only/company of the republic of the United States and other Crown & throughout; Type of battery to the market. Design is developed successfully in 1960 after the cylindrical structure type, alkaline manganese battery to rapid development. Alkaline zinc manganese battery dry technology upgrade cost-effective batteries is products, LR6 ( No. 5) And LR03 ( No. 7) Two kinds battery products. Product type ( Mercury content 0. 60%) And micro amount of mercury ( Mercury is greater than zero. 025%) Now in vigorously developing mercury-free battery research and development.

the advantages of alkaline battery

1, the application of a wide range, can be used in the Chinese navy equipment, defensive tactical radio, field telephone, intelligent terminal equipment, such as the Chinese navy equipment choice and then type power supply, and the army in large quantities of using reserve power source, a

2, high storage capacity, heavy load and continuous discharge performance is good, high voltage discharge time is long, storage performance well, and do not need to maintain

3, choose manganese ring after secondary pressure and carbon steel shell inner wall coating technology, reduce the battery internal resistance, improve battery large current discharge performance;

4, choosing ultrafine fiber high density of diaphragm, can effectively increase the battery storage life;

5, good sealing stopper set a safe explosion-proof type structure, to avoid the battery may be produced as a result of improper use of the battery explosion.

6, selects the ultrathin steel shell technology promotion inside the battery storage capacity, storage capacity to increase the battery discharge;

7, do not contain mercury and cadmium, environmental pollution-free; Tiny has a harmful effect on the environment.

the disadvantage of alkaline battery

1. Good sealing performance, storage capacity, uniformity and the safety performance and the overall level of modernization in a foreign country there are still differences, not the use of the international community on China's naval equipment requirements, to comprehensively improve the overall level of product quality

2. Bottleneck problem didn't conquer, rechargeable alkaline zinc manganese battery core technology should be promoted, can be applicable to the need of the armed forces. Points out that the rechargeable alkaline zinc manganese battery performance ascension requires to solve the key problems of

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