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What is lithium battery pole ear, ear type

by:dcfpower     2020-11-12

lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in various electronic products equipment instruments, but at this stage to interfere with lithium battery pack is a big technical problems in the development of lithium battery pack pole ear problem. In one of the main steps in the process of lithium battery pack production is adopted ultrasonic metal welding machine to single layer aluminum foil and pure aluminium pole ear wire welded together. Current lithium ion of single battery pole ear existence is not aligned on both ends are very easy to create virtual welding, insufficient solder joints and welding, battery internal resistance increases. But there are still a lot of friend don't know battery pole ear, then today you say what is lithium battery pole ear, ear type what is the battery pole ear.

ear, is one of the lithium ion polymer battery product raw material. For example we use in our daily life to many kinds of mobile phone batteries, bluetooth battery, laptop battery and so on all need to use to the ear.

the battery is points are negative, the ear is the batteries from the positive negative derivation of the electric conductor metal materials, easy-to-read said the battery positive and negative poles of ear is in charge and contact area. This interface is not everyone see the copper battery appearance, instead, a connection is inside the battery. Ear is divided into three kinds of materials, the positive use of the cell aluminum ( Al) And negative material using nickel ( Ni) , negative material have copper nickel plating ( Ni— Cu) Materials, these are composed of film and metal belt two subcontract covering. Film is an ear on the part of the insulation layer

the role of the battery pole ear

it is the function of battery package when prevention between metal belt and aluminum-plastic film caused by short circuit fault, and encapsulated by heating ( About 140 ℃) Hot melt sealing membrane and aluminous model together to prevent leakage. An ear is made up of two pieces of the metal belt clip in the middle of the film. Film market use black glue, white glue and single glue three. Often use the black film is three layers of structure: melanin, melting point sixty-six ℃; PE, melting point 105 ℃; PP, melting point 137 ℃. Very ear finished product packaging are divided into disc ( The whole metal belt by equipment and film after the whole winding into tray) And the plate ( Metal belt and film after cutting into a single, then put rows with sandwiched in between two pieces of thin transparent plastic sheet) 。

very ear classification

a, press pole ear band material:

1. Aluminum ( Al) Very ears: usually used as the positive pole ear, if battery is lithium titanate cathode, also used as the negative pole. 2. Nickel ( Ni) Pole ear: used as the negative pole ear, first to use on the digital class small batteries, for example: a variety of mobile phone batteries, mobile charger, batteries, laptop batteries, battery intelligent transmission equipment, etc. 3. Copper nickel plating ( Ni— Cu) Very ears: used as the negative pole ear, first used in power battery and high ratio of batteries.

2, according to a ear glue to ( The domestic market) :

1。 Vinyl pole ears: normally used in low-end digital type of small batteries. 2. Cement pole ears: normally used in mid-range power battery and high rate battery. 3. White glue very ear: normally used in high-end digital battery, power battery and high rate battery.

three, very ear finished product packaging can be divided into:

1. Disk extremely ears ( Whole metal belt after equipment and film the whole winding) in coil , in the automatic production line 2. Plate type very ears ( Metal belt and film after cutting into a single, then the rows are put to use two pieces of thin transparent plastic clip in the center) Are applicable to general grade production line.

three, battery pole ear metal belt material

AL1050 increases a small amount of copper in aluminum alloy for the pure aluminium to form, have very good forming processing electric welding property, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and conductivity. TU1 for oxygen-free copper, oxygen and low impurity content, high purity, conductive thermal conductivity is very good, extension expand sex is very good, ventilation rate is low, no & other Hydrogen disease & throughout; Or rarely & other; Hydrogen disease & throughout; ; Production and processing functions, welding welding, corrosion resistant cold resistance are good.

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