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What is the 18650 batteries, 18650 batteries and polymer batteries which good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-16

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what is the 18650 batteries

18650 the size of the battery is fixed, & other; 18 & throughout; Mean diameter, 'sixty-five' on behalf of the relative height, & other; 0' On behalf of the cylindrical. 18650 battery generally divided into two categories, one is a capacity battery, another kind is power battery

1. Battery capacity, is refers to the section size of battery capacity, in general capacity of the battery in the battery, more than three thousand MA but the battery discharge is small, for large capacity suitable for charging treasure, hand lamps, such as sustainable usage time is long, but electricity flow need not high devices.

2。 Power battery, it is means the battery capacity is not very high, two thousand - 2400ma。 But the battery discharge is large, can reach 5 c discharge, even 3 c. The batteries used in electric flow relatively large equipment, such as new energy vehicles, and a bit above pneumatic tools,

18650 generally choose steel shell encapsulation, namely 18650 lithium ion in plasma, is like a glass filled with water, similar to this kind of understanding. Therefore only 18650 for cylindrical, if be in, the purchase of high-capacity rechargeable treasure to see big, thick and big capacity charging treasure, the vast majority are 18650 batteries.

what is a polymer batteries

lithium polymer batteries, raw material in general mining cobalt acid lithium manganese acid lithium, lithium and three yuan. Mixture with a certain proportion of the three, made out with some process and outside packaging mainly use aluminum-plastic film, in the middle of the lithium material for paste. The reason this style also can custom. At the same time also can make thin batteries, such as 0. 33 mm, 0. 50 mm such thin batteries.

polymer battery choose outside a layer of aluminum film, bag again outside a layer of high temperature tape, polymer found larger security is leakage, short circuit fault, get a package, the most unfavorable situation is caused by burning, forming a spark.

18650 batteries and polymer batteries which good

so with 18650, by contrast, polymer batteries in a safe and reliable, more better. But burning may cause safety accidents, therefore it is recommended to use large capacity charging treasure to users, it is best not to put the large capacity charging treasure implantation pillow core, the head of a bed that in some places. Polymer lithium battery pack is given priority to with soft package, I have ever seen a power lithium-ion polymer battery type and capacity, material is similar to 18650, only 18650 is stainless steel shell, the polymer is aluminous model membrane shell, is suitable for industrial production, means of delivery.

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