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What is the 5th battery, dry cell is normal 5 batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-30

in recent years, so far neither to online stores, or order online dry cell, a variety of corporate brand, all kinds of specifications of the battery full of beautiful things in eyes. The power of the SLR cameras surrounding parts, a large part of battery is 5. Such as photography lights, camera dynamic focusing device, wireless wifi ShanQi, the vast majority of camera lights, built-in gain external type headset microphone, and so on. Here, the photography of the lamp power consumption is high, play lamp friend, standard configuration section 8, 16 batteries in general are inevitable. And 5th battery is touched the most common battery in eating and sleeping, so, today with everybody to know what is the 5th battery, dry cell is common battery 5? Here also need to know before what is dry cell.

what is the 5th battery

5 cell ( The AA, R6) Is one of the battery model, it usually size is 14 mm in diameter, height of 50 mm. 5 batteries due to its smaller equipment, storage capacity is moderate, so in many electrical appliances and digital electronic products are widely used in use. The 5th battery that sells on the market today are: nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, alkaline zinc manganese battery ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Alkaline batteries & throughout; ) , the common acid zinc manganese battery ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Batteries & throughout; ) And so on. The English letters can be according to the battery logo, can learn the basic properties of the 5 batteries, easy to decide on what device with what kind of batteries.

v battery usage:

1. Used widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances on

unique depends on durable power, can do 7 times of carbon sexual battery. Stable output current, no liquid leakage. Can the larger experimental instrument is mainly used for power consumption equipment in use.

2。 Applied in electronic equipment

strong light flashlight, battery type electric shaver, sonic electric toothbrush, clothing hair bulb trimmer ( Part of the) , car CD machine, Now less) , MP3 machine ( A handful of) , recording device ( Part of the) , digital camera, Part of the) And take photos flash, video game consoles, Part of the) , children's solar toys

dry cell is normal 5 battery

5 belong to dry cell battery. But five batteries and can be divided into many types, there are 5 nimh batteries also have 5 lithium battery pack. Segmentation more widely have 5 18650 lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery 5, 5, 3 yuan, 5 power lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries is to see our demand for purchase.

what is dry cell

common for zinc manganese dry cell batteries, Or zinc carbon batteries, namely dryLeclanchecell) 。 Most often dry cell is zinc manganese battery, there is the positive carbon rod, outsourcing graphite products and mno2 compounds, with outer layers is netting again. Online coated with thick paste of electrolyte and its composition and starch is ammonia chloride solution, otherwise a few preservatives dry cell becomes a voltaic cell, voltaic cell is by several groups of circular board appeared in pairs and in accordance with the corresponding order deposit, and the circular plate with two different metal sheet material, class between layers of cloth, play a conductive effect, dry cell is made according to such principle, dry cell internal structure appeared a paste material, there are some jelly. Thus the electrolyte is the paste, and this kind of battery rechargeable batteries, can put electricity without recharging, zinc manganese dry cell emf is 1. 5 v, if used to recharge the phone cases need at least three dry cell.

number 5 dry cell characteristics of

1. Smaller equipment, disposable products, can be combined into casually need work standard voltage dc regulated power supply.

2。 Ecological environmental protection of green environmental protection, green health product, but must pay attention to the dry cell damage, should be centralized recycling properly handle again, otherwise it will cause pollution of the environment

3. With wider range of safe use

is mainly used in strong light flashlight, tape recorder, sanyo semiconductor material tape recorder, digital cameras, electronic clock, children's educational toys, etc. , and also is mainly used in national defense security, life science research, telecommunications, ocean voyage, the domestic aviation, medicine, and other areas of the social economy in each industry, the function is all ready.

4。 Is also a long service life.

5。 Large storage capacity, long using time.

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