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What is the aluminum air battery, lithium battery with aluminum air battery which good?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-21

in fact over the years, many known as & other; Metal material & air throughout; Battery has been successfully used in off-grid applications, this kind of battery is the most attractive metal materials in aluminum, because it is the world's most common metal materials, is also the biggest energy than one of the metal materials. Aluminum air battery is generated only waste aluminum hydroxide, but it can also be as raw materials have been back to smelters to production and processing of aluminum better. Therefore, this kind of repeated is separated with the petrochemical industry, is highly sustainable development, and can also processing battery according to recycle aluminum cans. Today we take a look at what is aluminum air battery, lithium battery with aluminum air battery which good?

what is the aluminum air battery

aluminum air battery is made up of 1999, in California hydrogen battery enterprise development boom, he chose to leave British aerospace company, started his own company fuel cells. According to the scientific research and other techniques, he discovered the metal air batteries, technology called on & other; ( Aluminum) / air & throughout; Batteries and aluminum air battery applications can also generate enough momentum driving force, can be used to improve driving trip and acceleration, the kinetic energy is a bit like fuel system provided by the car.

aluminum air battery chemistry and zinc air battery, aluminum air battery with high purity aluminum Al ( Contains 99 aluminum. 99%) As the cathode, oxygen as the anode, potassium hydroxide ( KOH) Or sodium hydroxide ( NaOH) Aqueous solution as electrolyte. Aluminum intake of oxygen in the air, when the battery discharge to generate chemical reaction, aluminum and oxygen into alumina. Aluminum air battery to overcome very quickly, its use in EV has gained significant achievements, is a potential air batteries.

advantages of aluminum air battery

1. Aluminum air battery avirulent dangerous

aluminum itself does not generate a harm to human body, can be recycled repeatedly use, do not pollute the air. Aluminum has various raw materials and has a wide range of aluminum smelter, the cost is low. Aluminum recycling regeneration conveniently, recycling regeneration cost is low. And you can also use aluminum electrode method, to completely solve the status of the aluminum air battery is slow.

2。 Aluminum air battery weight

in our country development design and manufacture of traction with the total kinetic energy for the lead-acid battery power type 13. 5 k watts per hour, the total mass of 375 kg. And the same kinetic energy only 45 kg of aluminum air battery mass, 13% of the lead-acid battery quality. Mainly because the battery quality largely reduce, motor vehicle vehicle curb weight is decreased, can also raise the loading of the kinetic energy of motor vehicles or extend the travel itinerary.

3。 Aluminum air battery is greater than the energy

aluminum air battery than the theory of energy can reach 8100 watts per hour/kg, 2015 aluminum air battery than the actual energy only three hundred and fifty watts per hour/kg, but it's also a lead-acid battery of 5 of 7 ~ 8 times, nickel metal hydride batteries. Eight times, 2 lithium batteries. Three times. Using aluminum air battery, motor vehicle travel trip to very significantly improve

aluminum air battery fatal shortcomings

1. When aluminum and oxygen react to generate kinetic energy, the available aluminum content will reduce with the put a reply message. In addition, this kind of battery is only one current direction: from anode to cathode. It represents a kind of battery is not charging, so when the battery run out, must take down and recycled to replace new battery.

2。 Unable to system of large scale application promotion

for small electronic devices, the aluminum air battery obviously degree is not an option, it is because it represents the we have frequent replacement battery

lithium battery pack with aluminum air battery which good?

mileage from the battery, the aluminum air battery compared to lithium batteries, is indeed a crack. But mainly because of aluminum air battery anode corrosion in the process of discharge will generate hydrogen, not only will cause the loss of the anode materials, and will continue to improve the battery internal loss; In addition, aluminum air battery is, when the end of the battery life and reinstall aluminum greatly hinder the commercial development of aluminum air battery. And in automotive applications, aluminum air battery is still an open question, and also is much less than the hydrogen battery, therefore the lithium battery is more better than that of aluminum air battery.

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