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What is the battery at low temperature, low temperature and the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-19

in most cases the vast majority of areas in China are always in a cold climate, and a lot of electronic digital products, including home appliances in one of the products with the battery, are subjected to low temperature. Presumably most people heard low battery first reaction will be a question: what is a low battery? What is the purpose to use? That good today as our low temperature lithium battery manufacturer to take a look at what is low battery, the advantages and disadvantages of low temperature lithium batteries.

what is a low battery?

low battery is specifically for chemical power supply performance of low temperature defect, specially developed for a class of special battery. Low battery USES the VGCF and specific surface area ( 2000± 500). G / ㎡ of activated carbon for additives and the anode materials are consistent, introduced with special special electrolyte additives, ensure that the function of the low temperature low temperature discharge of battery, at the same time the high temperature of 70 ℃ for 24 h ≦ volume rate is 0. 5% with conventional lithium battery pack safety and storage capabilities.

low battery, usually refers to working temperature in - 40 ℃ below the lithium ion battery, mainly using the military-industrial complex business aviation, truck-mounted equipment, scientific investigation and disaster relief, medical equipment, electrical, communications, public safety management company, high-speed railway, shipbuilding, intelligent robot, etc. Low temperature according to discharge performance can be divided into: lithium-ion batteries energy storage type low temperature lithium battery and ratio type low temperature lithium battery. Low temperature can be divided into: lithium battery applications from military industry with low temperature lithium batteries, industrial lithium battery at low temperature. According to the use of the environment can be divided into three series: civil battery at low temperature, special low temperature, extreme low temperature environment.

low battery to areas mainly are: the military enterprise, aerospace, weapons ammunition truck-mounted equipment, polar scientific research, frigid disaster relief, medical equipment, electrical, communications, public safety management company, high-speed railway, shipbuilding, intelligent robot, etc.

low temperature characteristics of lithium battery

1. Excellent low temperature performance: in - Under 40 ℃ to 0. 5 c discharge, discharge capacity more than 60% capacity, for the first; In - Under 35 ℃ to 0. 3 c discharge, discharge capacity beyond the first 70% of capacity;

2。 Wide working temperature range, - 40 ℃ to 55 ℃.

3。 In lithium-ion batteries - at low temperature 20 to 0 ℃ temperatures. 2 c discharge cycle test curve, through 300 cycle, there is still the capacity retention rate above 93%.

4。 Low temperature of lithium iron batteries discharge curve under different temperature conditions, can be in - 40 ℃ to 55 ℃ to devolve power.

low temperature lithium battery defect

1. Manufacturing process difficulty coefficient is big, but also the difficulty coefficient of various environment, no suitable good samples will bring lithium battery pack research and production of very large difficulty coefficient.

2。 Low temperature lithium batteries are custom items, only one product corresponding to a battery, a battery for each different environment, artificial cost big scientific research and production costs. A bit most small companies are not acceptable.

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