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What is the battery discharge rate?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-14

The capacity of each battery is a certain amount in a certain period of time. The discharge rate of the battery refers to that compared with the conventional discharge, the discharge capacity is several times that of the conventional discharge in the same time. The energy that can be released under different currents, generally speaking, batteries need to test the discharge performance under different constant current conditions. How to evaluate the battery rate (how much is the rate of C to one)?

When the battery is discharged with N times the current of the battery's 1C capacity, and its discharge capacity is more than 85% of the battery's 1C capacity, we think that the battery's discharge rate is N times.

For example: a 2000mAh battery, when discharging with a 2000mA battery, the discharge time is 60min, if discharging with 60000mA, the discharge time is 1.7min, we think the battery discharge rate is 30 times (30C).

Average voltage (V)u003ddischarge power (Wh)÷discharge current (A)

Median voltage (V): It can be understood as the voltage value corresponding to 1/2 of the total discharge time.

The median voltage can generally be called the discharge platform. The discharge platform is related to the discharge rate (current) of the battery. The higher the discharge rate, the lower the discharge platform voltage. It is possible to calculate the battery discharge energy (Wh)/discharge capacity (Ah) ) To determine its discharge platform.

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