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What is the battery ETC, ETC in low temperature lithium battery maker

by:dcfpower     2020-10-04

what is the battery ETC)

ETC electronic parking management system, namely on May 10, 2019, the national transportation department deputy Dai Dongchang suggests that having canceled toll stations at the provincial level, to ensure that in the second half of the year before, the ETC utilization ratio to nine hundred percent and above, in order to ensure that all the network operation running smoothly. Under the guidance of national new policy, ETC comprehensive popularization is certain. But under the environment of low temperature area (ETC) Such as the northeast) May require special ETC battery can work normally. Special battery manufacturer in low temperature is not too much, have a more overall strength is a handful. Today is to introduce the ETC low temperature lithium battery pack manufacturer & ndash; Shenzhen.

ETC used batteries are relatively green battery, usually polymer batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, ETC. Shenzhen technology co. , LTD. , the existing system of batteries are used at low temperature. At the same time discharge efficiency are manufacturing industry leading position.

ETC in low temperature lithium battery maker

technology was founded in 2001, specializes in r&d of the hydride and lithium-ion batteries, wisdom, is the nimh batteries dominant revised national standard units, and participate in the development of a number of national standard lithium battery pack industry. At present, the company has shenzhen, meizhou owns two production bases. Is lithium ion battery manufacturers and nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery manufacturers. Specialized is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of green environmental protection rechargeable batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer battery, 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

focus on portable, mobile electronic products of science and technology and the battery energy storage products research and development of customization, including lighting, medical equipment, personal care, electric tools, consumer digital, solar lamp energy storage, and so on. High and low temperature nickel metal hydride batteries, high and low temperature lithium battery is special products.

Shenzhen Chuangneng Ruiyuan Electronics CO.,LTD. also discusses implications for both research and the practice of operations in building systems to help people succeed in both the short and long run.
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