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What is the battery protection board, lithium battery protection board functions

by:dcfpower     2020-09-29

can you met in the real life with all kinds of circuit board is some batteries and dismantling down? As the battery has some is composed of batteries and connecting plate, have some of the more high-end batteries and connecting plate is coupled with lithium battery protection board. Today with your science to lithium ion battery protection board.

as above, lithium-ion battery pack composition of three parts, the most important part of the way the batteries and lithium battery protection board. batteries is mainly composed of positive plate, diaphragm, negative plate, electrolyte composition; Positive plate, diaphragm, negative plate coil or cascade, the outer packing, perfusion liquid electrolyte, after packaging and batteries. But the role of lithium battery pack protection board a lot of people are not clear, the lithium ion battery protection board, popular speak is to protect lithium battery, lithium ion battery protection board role is to protect the battery but put, but, however, there is output over current protection circuit.

in the application process, the lithium battery overcharge or discharge are basically will harm the performance of itself and its service life. More serious can cause burning, explosion and other serious harm. According to effective monitoring and to avoid damage to the battery protection loop, avoid overcharge, discharge and short circuit fault caused by the combustion, explosion and other risks. Considering each in to install a battery protection IC, lithium battery pack protection IC market bigger surprise, every year, billions of dollars of market, industry prospects are very broad.

lithium battery pack protection board functions

1. Voltage maintenance

output over current protection circuit, maintain the stability of the voltage.

2。 Current maintenance: it is mainly embodied in the operation current and over current to MOS switch off and then maintenance battery or load.

MOS tube damage is mainly for the sharp rise in temperature, the heating is current the internal resistance of the intrusive and itself, small current, of course, the MOS no harm, but large current, this is going to do some processing, after the rated current, low current below 10 a, we can directly use voltage to drive the MOS tube. Large current, must be to drive, to MOS drive current is large enough.

3。 Fault maintenance: strictly speaking, he is a voltage comparison model of maintenance, is also is shut off or directly with the comparison of the voltage driven, not through the extra processing.

fault to extend the time setting is also key, considering in our products, the input filter capacitor basic it is very big, in touch for the first time for capacitor charging, at the moment is appropriate to short-circuit fault in the battery recharge capacity.

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