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What is the BMS ( Battery management system) What do you mean, BMS

by:dcfpower     2020-11-29

accompany you to the new energy car battery life and the pursuit of battery safety continue to rise, the battery management system (BMS our attention and concern gradually. BMS is called power battery operating system & other; Throughout the brain &; , BMS as if the battery in the areas of the brain, sending and receiving the battery and the external information of each port, after analyzing and processing information, and perform work orders. Considering the new energy vehicles have an important impact, BMS industry continuously attracted large quantities of lithium battery manufacturer to join. That today we detailed introduce what is BMS (for everybody Battery management system) What is the meaning of the BMS.

what is BMS ( Battery management system) ,

battery management system ( BatteryManagementSystem,即BMS) Is dedicated to the electric car lithium battery pack management system. New energy vehicles and Chinese traditional gasoline-powered cars is the key difference is that power battery and as a main source of key drivers, but lithium batteries when mass production is not easy to control product quality, factory power battery core is widespread small differences, and environment, the old in a region with the actual operation, overcharge, discharge, increasingly obvious inconsistency between the battery, the battery efficiency, life becomes poor, severe cases when the security hidden danger is likely to cause an explosion, etc. Battery, motor, electric control technology is the most dominant storage battery technology. This is because the use of the three technologies, is each car storage battery need and directly affect the vehicle parameters such as mileage, acceleration time. In one of the electric control is the most dominant function battery management system.

BMS( Battery management system) Key role

key role for the efficiency of battery, put an end to happen the battery charging too much and excessive discharge, increase the service life of the battery, the regulatory status of the battery. Popularization, it is a set of management, control, use the operating system of lithium battery pack pack. BMS industry belongs to the power lithium battery industry chain of middle business. The BMS industry chain includes four areas: hierarchical, BMS module, BMS finished products, raw materials and downstream applications.

BMS supplier market situation in our country is as follows:

1. Vehicle manufacturers

automobile enterprise to the participation of the batteries is less, usually by and mergers and acquisitions, strategic partners to join, and BMS for large enterprise key areas. Mainland China such as Beijing changan, Beijing automobile, geely automobile car makers have professional research and development department to carry out the BMS research and development, in addition to the control of core technology, the cost and efficiency than other enterprises have strong competitiveness in many aspects.

2。 Professional BMS manufacturer

so far third-party platform BMS manufacturer in mainland China still has a key position. One part of the power battery BMS enterprise, the other is one part of Chinese traditional digital battery and BMS enterprise transformation. By contrast, is a professional third-party platform BMS enterprise, technology accumulation has a natural advantage. So far such companies hundreds of thousands of participants, but the technology gap is relatively large, at a competitive front companies in mainland China key column technology, million to electronic, crown extension, high energy, woti-meeting power, Shanghai better profit, etc.

3。 Power batteries manufacturers

so far China's top three power battery enterprises were to enter and mostly & other; 百时美施贵宝+包” Mode, the control of the power battery batteries to the battery pack a whole set of core technology, has a stronger competition power. Representative enterprises with BYD, CATL, catic lithium electricity, porch, etc.

BMS( Battery management system) Mechanical problems analysis method

1. Regional environmental test

when operating system mechanical problems, such as the operating system can not open, you don't have to rush to first conduct in-depth consideration, this is because people will usually ignore some details. Then you should look at the obvious things, such as whether there is connected to the normal power supply? The power switch is open? Whether all the wiring connection? Perhaps the problem root cause is in it.

2。 Data analysis

when BMS control or related mechanical failure occurs, for BMS CAN store data to conduct in-depth analysis, message content to conduct in-depth analysis of CAN bus

3. Substitution method

when a module such as environmental temperature, voltage, handling abnormal, replace the consistent string of several modules, to the differential diagnosis is module or wire problems.

4。 Mechanical failure retrieval methods

vehicles under the prerequisite of different occurrence of mechanical failure is different, in the case of prerequisites to allow, as far as possible under the same prerequisites for mechanical fault repetition, the problem points for confirmation.

5。 Application upgrade method

unknown mechanical failure occurred after new applications to burn, cause abnormal system control, can burn the previous version of the application to carry out comparison, to carry out detailed analysis of the mechanical fault processing.

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