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What is the difference between 18650 batteries and polymer batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-27

18650 cells usually divided into two categories, one is the capacity of the battery, the other is a power battery, I really don't know where you use, what kind of demand, respectively explain it for you.

capacity battery, usually refers to the capacity of a battery is usually over three thousand MA battery capacity battery, but that some of the battery discharge is small, suitable for mobile charger, hand lamps, such as electricity duration is long, but not too high requirements for current devices.

18650 usually chooses steel shell packaging design, namely 18650 lithium ion liquid, just like a cup filled with water, similar to this some understand. So 18650 could only for cylindrical, if see in mobile charger, thick and big mobile charger, most basic is 18650 batteries.

because of the uniqueness of the packaging design (18650 Selection of steel shell) , if the products quality is unqualified, the greatest risk factor is an explosion, explosion caused by a few years ago notebook, is born because SONY laptop batteries ( Generally used 18650) Quality control problem.

lithium polymer batteries, raw material usually collects cobalt acid lithium manganese acid lithium, and the ternary lithium stirring and become. According to the corresponding proportion of three compound, made out with the corresponding technological process and outside packaging design mainly is to use the aluminum membrane, a creamy substance is in the middle of the lithium. Thus shape can be customized. At the same time can produce ultra-thin cell, such as 0. 33mm,0. The 50 mm so slim batteries.

polymer battery choose outside a layer of aluminum film, bag again outside a layer of high temperature tape, polymer that security is the biggest liquid leakage, short circuit fault, get a package, the most extreme situation is caused by burning, cause fire.

in 18650 and thus, in contrast, polymer batteries in a safe, more better. But burning may cause security risk, and therefore it is recommended to use mobile charger of the user, as far as possible don't place your mobile charger pillow, bed it some place.

18650 for lithium battery with polymer battery, 18650 is currently on the market widely lithium iron phosphate and manganese acid lithium and ternary we simple said the three yuan, three yuan material price moderate average 1800 18650 mah is the market price of homebred is 7 yuan, 3 when the nominal voltage. 8 v, when using the highest voltage can reach 4. 2 v, low voltage is 2. 5 v, no memory effect, use D field also is relatively wide, domestic technical strength is also able to do, apply to domestic. Polymer battery is given priority to with soft package, I have ever seen a dynamic model of the type and capacity, the material is similar to 18650, only 18650 is stainless steel shell, the polymer is aluminous model membrane shell, is suitable for industrial production, the vehicle

is the ancestor of lithium ion battery - 18650 - Japan's SONY company in order to reduce the cost and set a standard of lithium ion battery types, including 18 said to 18 mm in diameter, 65 said length is 65 mm, 0 means for cylindrical batteries.

common 18650 batteries are divided into lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium ion battery voltage for the nominal voltage of 3. 7 v, charge cut-off voltage is 4. 2 v, lithium iron phosphate battery nominal voltage of 3. 2 v, charge cut-off voltage of 3. 6 v, capacity is 1200 mah - A common capacity is 3350 mah, mah - 2200 2600mAh。

18650 lithium batteries

widely used & ndash; — Many digital products are chose lithium ion battery as a power source, while its price is relatively relatively expensive. High energy density lithium ion battery, its capacity is 1 with weight of nimh batteries. 5 ~ 2 times, and have very low self-discharge rate. In addition, the lithium ion battery has almost no & other; Memory effect & throughout; And do not contain toxic substances etc also is the main reason that it is widely used. Also please note that lithium battery pack external generally marked with 4 in English. 2 vlithiumionbattery ( ) Or 4. 2 vlithiumsecondarybattery ( 4 lithium secondary battery. 2 vlithiumionrechargeablebattery ( Rechargeable lithium battery pack) , so the user must identify clearly when buying batteries battery block appearance, avoid because they didn't distinguish clearly and cadmium nickel battery type, nickel-metal hydride batteries by mistake when the lithium battery pack.

18650 lithium batteries

this, stable in 18650 in the work performance is very good, widely used in the electronics field: commonly used in high-grade light flashlight, carry power, wireless data transmission device, electric heating warm warm clothes, shoes and portable instrument equipment, portable lighting lamps and lanterns, portable duplicator, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc. 18650 mean, 18 mm in diameter, 65 mm long. And 5 battery model is 14500, diameter of 14 mm, 50 mm long. General 18650 batteries with more in the industrial production, civilian is very little, common in laptop batteries and use more high-end flashlight. 18650 but the size of the battery.

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