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What is the difference between cobalt batteries with lithium batteries, cobalt have what use

by:dcfpower     2020-11-06

lithium battery in the use of the meteoric rise of although under the new mining machinery technology development trend, lithium raw material without any problem, just not only to the lithium, lithium battery new economic era is not so much concern lithium, cobalt and nickel more can not be ignored. But the actual, nickel or cobalt is purely in terms of the content of the earth, is very rich and colorful, with lithium cobalt element processing batteries made by the natural is also different, today we speak of cobalt batteries with lithium battery, what is the difference between what's with cobalt.

pure cobalt battery: pure cobalt, often referred to as the battery on the use of a single lithium cobalt material. A single on use lithium cobalt material of battery.

difference: the capacity of the lithium cobalt is good but the price is expensive, chemical stability, so the general battery on the use of mixed design method to save cost and enhance performance.

1, cobalt acid lithium battery profile:

cobalt acid lithium battery pack structure stability, capacity than high, comprehensive performance is outstanding, but its safety performance is poor, the production cost is extremely high, mainly is suitable for the medium and small type batteries, widely used in laptop computers, smart phones, MP3/4 small electronic products such as equipment instrument, the nominal voltage 3. 7V。

2, lithium battery pack profile:

the lithium battery pack is a kind of alloy anode materials for lithium metal or lithium, nonaqueous electrolyte solution on using battery, invented by Edison. Battery using the reaction of equation for: Li + MnO2 = LiMnO2 for the REDOX reaction, the reaction of discharge. In a long time ago, because the chemical properties of lithium is extremely lively, on production and processing, storage, use, extremely high requirement to the environment, so the lithium battery has not been in use for a long time. Over time the development trend of modern science and technology of lithium battery has now become the mainstream. On February 22, 2016, the international civil aviation organization announced a ban on lithium battery aircraft baggage. Lithium batteries are usually divided into two categories: lithium battery and lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion battery does not contain lithium metal state, and can be recharged. The fifth generation of rechargeable battery product lithium batteries in 1996, was its safety performance, specific capacity, self-discharge rate and price performance ratio than lithium ion battery.

what's with cobalt

1. Cobalt is indispensable to human and animal trace element

cobalt is one of the trace elements is essential to human and animal. Cattle, sheep cobalt deficiency can cause loss of appetite, language retardation, reduced the volume of milk. Vitamin containing cobalt Bi2 can prevent malign anaemia. Isotope 60 co emit gamma rays, can be used in physical chemistry and medical equipment are discussed. Cobalt is also suitable for minimally invasive surgery.

2。 Cobalt and atomic energy industry important metal materials

cobalt-based or high-temperature alloy containing cobalt alloy steel can be applied to heavy duty gas turbine blade, fan impeller, picc catheter, turbojet engine, the rocket engine, the cruise missile parts, chemical machinery and equipment of all kinds of high load important metal materials of heat-resistant parts and atomic energy industry.

3。 Cobalt can be used on the permanent magnetic alloy

cobalt is an important component of the permanent magnetic alloy, iron cobalt alloy magnetic field lines, high density cobalt containing two hundred and fifty percent o nico is high permeability alloys are most common in use.

4。 Cobalt can also be made into a low coefficient of expansion alloy

cobalt alloy can also be made low expansion coefficient. Such as cobalt containing one hundred and seventy percent, two hundred and ninety percent, five hundred and thirty percent, 0. 2% of the cobalt alloy, its expansion coefficient and laminated glass, arc welding in laminated glass, in use in electrical equipment, wireless communication and lighting lamps and lanterns, etc.

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