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What is the difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-05

over time increase in the number of continuous time new energy industry manufacturing, also fully consider the environmental protection and energy saving of the continuous supply and demand market, more and more environmental protection and energy saving products have been applied to manufacturing industry market, in terms of battery industry market, lithium battery by means of the characteristics of a variety of short time replace traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium polymer battery now and slowly replaced the lithium battery market, becomes an integral part of daily life, is very good, then today we battery manufacturer to tell you something about what is the difference between polymer lithium battery and lithium battery.

what is a polymer lithium battery

polymer lithium battery was strictly a call & other; Lithium polymer lithium battery & throughout; ( Li- Polymer and polymer lithium battery) : it is also a kind of lithium ion batteries, but with liquid lithium batteries ( Li- ion) In contrast with high energy density, more practical, more lightweight, ultra-thin, and various significant advantages such as high security, is a new type of battery. In shape, lithium polymer lithium battery with ultra-thin characteristics, can match the needs of the various products, processed into any shape and the capacity of the battery. The battery can achieve the minimum thickness can reach 0. 5mm。 The nominal voltage and Li - it As nominal voltage 3 ion. 7 v, no memory effect.

what is lithium battery pack

& other; & throughout; , is composed of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution of the battery. by GilbertN first in 1912. Lewis and study are put forward. In the 1970 s, M. 年代。 Whittingham and gradually the lithium ion battery are put forward. Because lithium chemistry special lively, making lithium metal production and processing, storage, use, particularly high requirements on the environment. Therefore, lithium battery for a long time didn't get the application. With the passage of time the development of science and technology innovation, lithium battery has now become a mainstream product. Is a secondary battery ( Rechargeable batteries) , across the electrodes of lithium ion in the concrete between the mobile to work. In the process of discharge, the Li element embedded in the back and forth between the two electrodes and embedded; When charging, Li elements from the anode falls off, after anode, electrolyte embedded in the cathode in the rich lithium state; The TV is in turn. Lithium-ion batteries, particularly the vast application prospect, now gather specific suitable for smart phones and laptops, is the symbol of the modern high performance battery.

lithium batteries commonly known as

based on lithium ion battery materials of different electrolyte, lithium ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium ion battery, LiquifiedLithium - IonBattery, referred to as the LIB) And polymer lithium ion battery, PolymerLithium - IonBattery, for PLB) Or plastic lithium ion battery, PlasticLithiumIonBatteries, for PLB) 。

the main difference is:

1, polymer lithium battery internal structure is solid, the internal structure of lithium batteries for liquid

polymer lithium battery without battery leakage problem, its battery internal structure of liquid electrolyte, using colloidal solid. And liquid lithium battery is appear in different electrolytes, liquid lithium ion battery using the liquid electrolyte, polymer lithium ion battery with solid polymer electrolyte to act as, the polymer can also be & other; Dry & throughout; , also can be & other; Colloidal & throughout; , the vast majority of people now use polymer gel electrolyte.

2, both the raw material is not the same as

raw materials, this is the different performance between the total root. Polymer lithium battery refers to three parts in the positive, negative or electrolyte in at least one item of macromolecule materials. Mean molecular weight polymer, is the concept of corresponding between small molecules, polymers with high wear resistance, high wear resistance and high flexibility. Polymer lithium battery can be made into thin cells: 3. 6 v400mah capacity, its thickness can be thin to 0. 5mm。 can't thin

3, modelling is also different, polymer lithium battery can be arbitrary reconfigured

on the shaping, polymer lithium battery can thin shape, any size and any shape, root cause depends on its electrolyte can be solid colloidal rather than liquid lithium battery electrolyte is adopted, the need for a solid shell as secondary packaging for electrolyte. Therefore, this part also makes lithium batteries increased weight. Polymer lithium battery can be bending deformation deformation: polymer battery maximum bending deformation around nine hundred. can't be too much bending deformation or bending deformation of

4, polymer lithium battery can be made into a single high voltage: liquid electrolyte battery can only with the number of high voltage battery series, polymer batteries. Polymer lithium battery because itself has no liquid, can be made within the single star multilayer combination to achieve high voltage. Polymer lithium battery capacity will be better than the same size of lithium ion battery more than doubled.

5, polymer lithium batteries are safer

the current polymer batteries, soft bag is more adopts aluminum-plastic film do case, when the internal structure of organic electrolyte, even if the liquid is very hot don't explode, lithium polymer batteries because of aluminum-plastic film with solid or colloidal without leakage, just natural fracture. But everything is not absolute, if the instantaneous current is very big, short circuit, battery spontaneous combustion or rupture is not impossible, the generation of smart phones and laptops safety accident caused by this situation.

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