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What is the effect of lithium titanate as the negative electrode of lithium batteries?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-13

Lithium titanate has become an excellent polymer lithium battery pack anode material due to its zero strain characteristics, but the poor conductivity and low lithium ion diffusivity limit its wide application.

The low Li diffusion coefficient and low conductivity (10~10S/cm) of pure phase lithium titanate lead to the rapid capacity decay of polymer lithium batteries during high-current rapid charging and discharging, so its modification is very necessary. Modification methods of lithium titanate include nanometerization, morphology control, carbon coating, metal doping, and nitriding treatment.

Lithium titanate is a composite oxide composed of transition metal titanium and low-potential metal lithium. It is a member of the solid solution system. Its crystal structure is spinel type and its spatial lattice group is Fd3m, with a unit cell parameter of 0.836nm, it has a three-dimensional lithium ion diffusion channel.

Controlling the morphology of lithium titanate and nano-materials can improve the ionic conductivity and electronic conductivity, but in the cycle process, the nanoparticles are easy to agglomerate and have a negative impact on the cycle stability, so how to obtain Relatively stable spherical nanomaterials and how to solidify this structure are the focus of research in the direction of particle nanometerization.

The carbon coating modification method is based on physically blocking the agglomeration of nanoparticles and improving the surface conductivity of the particulate material. That is, the surface of the titanic acid anode material is covered with a conductive phase.

Lithium titanate is used as a negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries, and its preparation methods are mainly high-temperature in-phase method, hydrothermal method and sol-gel method. The modification of lithium titanate material is effective for its performance at high rates. The improvement is of great significance. By making the material into a nanometer level, the specific surface of the material can be increased and the reaction surface with the electrolyte can be increased. The composite of carbon material and lithium titanate can improve the conductivity of the lithium titanate material The composite of graphene material and lithium titanate A composite material with good electrochemical performance can be obtained. A suitable metal-doped lithium titanate crystal will improve its electrical conductivity. Nitriding treatment does not significantly change the crystal structure of lithium titanate, maintaining the zero-strain characteristics of lithium titanate materials, and It can significantly improve electrical conductivity and ionic conductivity, and obtain excellent capacity performance and cycle performance at high rates. In practical applications, several modification methods should be combined and appropriate preparation methods should be used to determine the bulk and surface structure. The optimization and comprehensive design and consideration of material particle morphology and size.

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