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What is the electric power, electric power calculation formula of commonly used

by:dcfpower     2020-10-01

in the household appliances are marked above maximum power, working voltage, rated power, etc. , it is also home appliances rating, each product is have the specified electrical, l nature also he rated power in the middle of the lithium battery pack. Work doesn't allow above this limit, otherwise will make the service life of the electrical equipment to cut or cause damage to the insulating layer and burned down. After resistance element extracted from the ac power energy into heat energy, which is a kind of irreversible energy conversion stage. Ok, so today people to look at what is electric power, electrical commonly used calculation formula.

what is the electrical

physical and chemical proper nouns, working current in a unit time do work is called electric power. Is used to describe power of fast and slow of reference frame, use P expression, it is the unit of watts ( Watt) , hereinafter referred to as' tile 'symbol is W. As an expression of current reference frame work fast and slow, one with the size of the electric power value is equal to it in the amount of electrical energy in one second. If the 't' ( SI units to s) Cost of electricity and other such a long time; W” ( SI units for J) So that the high-power electrical appliances [ 1] Is P = W/t ( Define the type) Power is equal to the voltage according to the conductor and conductor on both ends of the working current of every high-power electrical appliances product is a normal working voltage is the voltage on the job, and in working voltage under the normal work of high-power electric power called maximum power, high-power electric work under specific working voltage of power is called real power.

the commonly used calculation formula of electric power, Junior high school the electrical)

p = UI, p = I2R, p = U2 / R。 Type: P - - - Electric power ( W) U - - - Working voltage ( V) ,我- - - - - - - - - Working current, A) R - - - Resistance ( Ω) 。

pure electrical resistance circuit definition and formula of

in the pure resistor in the circuit, when the working voltage must be the key factors that interfere with the working current size is R. Assumptions on the resistance R of sinusoidal ac voltage instantaneous value for u = f Umsin ohms, type of Um for the working voltage of the maximum ( V) 。 According to ohm's law, the circuit working current instantaneous value to I = u/R = ( 嗯/ R) Sin omega t working current peak on both sides of the equation for Im = Um/R be divided by & radic; 2, the valid values for I = U/R,. ( P = U· I) 。 For pure resistance circuit, electrical calculation can also use the formula P = I ^ 2 * R and P = U/R ^ 2.

pure resistance of the circuit power

( 1) Instantaneous power:

visible, pure resistance of the circuit power is continuously changing. Line resistance circuit, therefore, the instantaneous power is greater than or equal to 0, namely

the resistance or the power cost, or without consuming power. Because in the ac circuit of resistance element with the same phase, both at the same time as the are, at the same time is negative, so the instantaneous power for timing, this shows that the open circuit extract energy from the ac power; Instantaneous power is zero, describe without consuming power.

( 2) Active power:

the average of the instantaneous power active power called resistance, also known as average power, use. People usually like this calculated power: that is a cycle circuit USES electricity of average power, namely, the average of the instantaneous power, is called the average power. In resistance element circuits, the average power is the mathematical inference to

so, after work is expressed by the RMS voltage and working current, sinusoidal ac pure resistance in the circuit voltage, working current, resistance, power calculation and the work of the dc voltage, current, power calculation of the same.

series-parallel circuit electrical characteristics

1, in a series circuit and parallel circuit, the high-power electric electric power must equal the total power;

2, in the series circuit, the high-power electrical appliances is proportional to its resistance, namely the P2 = R2;

3, parallel circuits, the high-power electrical appliances is inversely proportional to its resistance, namely the P2 = R1.

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