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What is the fuel cell, the use of the fuel cell

by:dcfpower     2020-12-11

a fuel cell is a kind of electrochemical power generation equipment, isothermal according to electrochemical methods, can be directly convert chemical energy to electrical energy without after heat engine operation process, not limited by carnot cycle, so the energy conversion efficiency is high, and there is no noise, no pollution, is becoming the ideal mode of energy use. At the same time, the fuel cell technology continuously mature as time goes on, and west to east gas pipeline project to produce enough gas, the fuel cell is more and more commercial application there are broad prospects for development. Ok today we take a look at what is the fuel cell, the use of the fuel cell.

what is the fuel cell

the chemical energy of the fuel cell is a kind of the fuel has the chemical equipment can be directly converted into electricity, also known as electrochemical generators. It is the power station, power generation and heat production of atomic power generation after the fourth power generation technology in production. Due to the chemical energy of the fuel cell is through electrochemical reaction fuels of gibbs free energy into electricity, is not limited by carnot cycle effect, so the high efficiency; In addition, the fuel cell with fuel and oxygen as raw material; Meanwhile no mechanical transmission parts, so there is no noise pollution, emissions of harmful substances is very little

a fuel cell is suitable for both to focus on power generation, building large, middle and small power station and regional diversification, also used for various types of decentralized power supply, storage battery, do not rely on air propulsion of submarine power source and all kinds of mobile power supply, at the same time can also be used as mobile phones, laptops and other power supply of choice for small and medium portable power supply. Fuel cell industry technology development trend, the key is on the three levels for different market demand and keep developing, 100 w ~ 10 kw battery for civilian use, is the separation of mobile communication base stations, power supply, submarines, electric bicycle, pedal bikes, luxury yacht and venues such as car better power source; 10 kw to 100 kw battery is the power source of choice for electric vehicles, is the direction of the fuel cell industry development; More than 100 kw battery is a special power station under the condition of power supply, such as military use, remote areas and other purposes. Below to see the fuel cell used three key areas.

1。 Portable power supply

fuel cell not only can be used as a portable power supply, small and medium-sized mobile power supply, car power, etc. Applied to military, communication, computer and other fields, to meet the emergency power supply and the need of high reliability, high stability of the power supply, the specific application of products include high-end brand mobile phone batteries, laptop computers and other portable electronic devices and military use knapsack communication power supply, satellite communications, automotive power supply, etc. ; At the same time as a bicycle, pedal motorcycle, automobile transportation such as power supply, to meet the requirements of environmental protection of vehicle emissions.

2。 Military power

power supply as the economic lifeline of military information technology weapons and equipment, its sustainability, system reliability and safety factor for the new military strategy is particularly important, it is part of the information technology weapons and equipment is closely linked. At present foreign modern military equipment research institute will fuel cells used in individual combat system power source, mobile power station and military vehicles driving power supply.

3。 Stationary power

fuel cells as well as with the smart grid system interconnected system is used to load, at the same time also can be used as an independent power supply, used as a

as the independent power supply, used as an island, mountainous areas and remote areas such as power supply system. Using more than one proton exchange membrane fuel cell generator connected to the Internet can also constitute a distributed power supply system, can save power network and power distribution dispatching control system, make through cogeneration total fuel utilization rate as high as 80%

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