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What is the large capacity lithium battery, large capacity lithium battery, please

by:dcfpower     2020-10-14

given the size of the stationary batteries, 18650 & other; 18' Mean diameter, '65' expression level, and other 0' Describe cylindrical. 18650 lithium battery capacity biggest can do how many mah, still is a very worth studying a problem, therefore always has a lot of workers, pay special attention to, in recent years, China's every manufacturer technology has improved, continuous test research and development, the gradual improvement of the capacity is also gradually, testing laboratory inside have been able to make a 3500 mah capacity over 18650 batteries, but stable performance consistency is not good, is not yet establish a development trend of mass production. If some people say that 3500400 mAh which obviously scam, you look at the price you know. Now the big batch on the market to buy 18650 lithium battery capacity is 2950 mah, the capacity of the battery is also being called 3000 mah. At present is still 2200 mah - 2600 mah capacity range of the battery is relatively stable and mature technology in different aspects. Battery pack if do it's best to not use high capacity battery, no matter from price or group after the service life of the battery pack, is not worthwhile plan, therefore the higher capacity batteries using the less stable.

what is the large capacity lithium battery

the large capacity lithium battery is a kind of anode materials for lithium metal or lithium alloy, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution of a battery, and rechargeable battery lithium ion battery and lithium ion polymer battery is not the same. inventor Thomas Edison, in view of the lithium chemistry is very lively, making lithium metal production and processing, storage, use, very high demand on the environment. Therefore, the lithium battery pack has not been applied for a long time. Accompanied by the end of the twentieth century the development of semiconductor technology, practical application of the equipment is increasingly, puts forward high demands on the power supply. as the entered the practical stage of large-scale.

key consists of several blocks, large capacity lithium battery batteries and PCM power battery protection board generally referred to as the battery management system (BMS, the heart of the batteries with lithium battery, management system is equivalent to the human brain of lithium-ion batteries. Batteries key by the cathode materials, anode materials, electrolytes, diaphragm and shell, and the key to protecting plate by protection chip ( Or management chip) , MOS tubes, resistance, capacitance and PCB board, etc.

the large capacity lithium battery which good

battery need according to the different products use in the field of different working environment and to customize, if the product is high, the battery can choose a big brand to import batteries, such as the large capacity lithium battery.

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