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What is the lead acid batteries, lead acid battery and lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-19

battery car battery is relatively drab and boring, usually electric vehicle battery with all of them are lead-acid batteries, a small number of relatively small owners of the storage battery is lithium battery pack. Tens of thousands of people in the purchase of storage battery when there will always be like this confusion, considered purchase lithium battery storage battery or lead acid storage battery car, below we will say what is lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery and lithium battery pack which good.

what is the lead acid battery

lead-acid battery was invented, created by the French plante lead-acid batteries, VRLA) , is a kind of electrode is mainly produced by lead and its oxide, battery electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. Lead-acid battery point discharge work condition, the positive main ingredients for lead dioxide, negative main ingredients to lead; Charge the working status, main ingredients are the lead sulfate is negative. Has experienced nearly one hundred and fifty years of development, lead-acid battery based on theory research level, in the product types and varieties, the product electrical performance indicators, etc have made considerable progress, both in the public transportation, communication, electrical engineering, national defense or sailing on the ocean, different areas of the economy, the international aviation lead-acid battery has the important function of not missing.

lead-acid batteries

1. Until the end of service life has been very high performance indicators, then rapid decline.

2。 By combining oxygen and hydrogen make water, the resulting compounds without pollution, more won't produce harm to human body.

3。 Safety; Point discharge performance is good, easy to get raw materials, the price is relatively cheap.

4。 High cycles, abuse and heat resistant.

5。 Free maintenance; Can be installed side; Low self-discharge rate.

6。 The heat transfer ability of lasting, environmental protection free from contamination.

lead-acid battery deficiency

1. Manufacturing process is very easy to pollute the environment, be sure to standard of 'three wastes' treatment equipment.

2。 Charging must be kept in working condition.

3。 The manufacturing cost is greater than the AGM batteries.

4。 Is more sensitive to over charge ( Gel more tolerance than AGM battery) 。

5。 More moderate than energy and load current.

lead acid battery and lithium battery pack which good

lead-acid battery volume is much higher than lithium batteries volumes and used more widely, if you need to choose a more popular battery, there is no doubt that is the battery. Lead-acid battery is relatively cheap, in other words the price is relatively high. The quality of the lithium battery it also did much better than the lead-acid battery. It's weight is relatively light, i. e. , storage battery installed it run longer, use of time is relatively long. But the deficiency of lithium-ion batteries that is relatively easy explosion, there are a lot of people use battery, an explosion cases. So lead-acid battery is better than a lithium battery pack.

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