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What is the lithium batteries, lithium and the advantages and disadvantages of the battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-22

lithium is the lightest metal and electric potential, one of the most negative element lithium thionyl chloride ( Li/SOCl2) Is a kind of negative electrode for lithium batteries, carbon as anode, four anhydrous aluminum chloride acid lithium thionyl chloride ( SOCl2) Solution as the electrolyte of lithium battery. Li/SOCl2 battery has high specific energy, specific power, stable discharge voltage, long storage life and other characteristics, weapons, navigation equipment in spacecraft, water etc are widely used in military and civilian industry. Believe that is a lot of friends in lithium battery pack is not very understanding, that today we come and go into more detail about what is lithium battery, lithium and the advantages and disadvantages of the battery.

what is the lithium and battery

lithium thionyl chloride battery or lithium battery pack, the cathode is metal lithium ( Li) , the positive active material for its electrolyte solvent, namely thionyl chloride ( SOCl2) 。 Because of its special chemical properties, passivation effects, its self discharge current is less than 1%, storage life of more than 10 years, so widely used in the water meter, electricity meter and gas meter in the power supply.

lithium and the working principle of the battery

Li/SOCl2 battery to lithium as negative electrode, carbon as anode, four chloride anhydrous lithium aluminate ( LiAlCl4) SOCl2 solution as the electrolyte, SOCl2 and the positive active material. Using polypropylene felt or glass fiber paper as the diaphragm, the open circuit voltage of 3. 65 v, although Li/SOCl2 battery of the positive active material SOCl2 tightly surrounded by negative, but in practice few short circuit happens, this is because the cathode surface formed a thin layer of dense LiCl protective film ( A film) Have electronic insulation, the membrane of ions can penetrate, thereby preventing the further reaction of external SOCl2 and lithium, lithium in SOCl2 become very stable in the electrolyte.

the advantages of lithium and battery

1. Application field widely

can be used in testing instrument, the safety system ( Wireless alarm smoke alarms danger button electronic locks and electronic seal) , search and rescue equipment ( Danger position indicator of emergency radio beacon radio beacon emergency locator transmitter avalanche rescue transmitter) , monitoring and control system ( High voltage electrical wiring short circuit and overload indicator rf remote control device night-vision gear) And commercial machinery and equipment ( Cash register copier printer postage address message vending machines) , electronic medical equipment ( Electrocardiograph external cardiac pacemaker oxygen flowmeter hearing AIDS X-ray machine control equipment) , etc.

2。 High energy density

all lithium battery pack is now the highest energy density in a battery, as both solvent and the positive active material of 650 wh/Kg and 1280 wh/dm3, low rate of discharge up to 650 wh/Kg, when the battery to 10 ma/cm2 or higher current density of discharge. Is the double of batteries, the electrical appliances, means that can save the power space and weight.

3。 Sealing performance is strong, good storage performance

battery cover is welded to the battery case, through the glass - between positive and negative Metal sealing insulation and sealing, liquid injection hole through a full steel welding. Can generally be wet for 5 years or longer, the battery has a good leakproof performance.

4。 Safe and stable working voltage

nominal voltage 3. 6 v and working voltage during the whole service life can keep clear of stationarity, battery open circuit voltage of 3. 65 v, 1 ma/cm2, discharge, the voltage can be keep in 3. 3 v, 90% within the scope of the capacity of the voltage remains constant. Even after a long period of discharge, it remained stable working voltage, use this greatly improves the reliability of the electrical appliances to free maintenance ( The basic don't need to replace the battery) The degree of.

5。 Green environmental protection no pollution, conform to the requirements of the contemporary development

does not contain heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, no environmental hazards. is disposable batteries, do not charge, can be directly discarded waste recycle bin. So now, the market prospect of lithium-ion batteries was about to than lithium batteries is better.

the disadvantage of lithium and battery

1. Cost is expensive, complex production process

cost price is more expensive in terms of production technology, many small businesses could not accept this price.

2。 Security issues:

although adopted some measures, may still be stored in the discharge state, high temperature and discharge occurs when unable to control the quantity of heat of eruption and explosion.

3。 Voltage hysteresis:

don't work long after the passivation phenomenon of voltage hysteresis could cause under-voltage load work or don't start, after normal temperature or room temperature storage for a long time, again with large discharge current, working voltage fell sharply, and then slowly back to normal.

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