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What is the no. 1 battery, kitchen burning gas cell 1 big size picture

by:dcfpower     2020-10-16

in ordinary family life must have 5 (more or less Japan this country called & other; Single 3 battery & throughout; ) The battery. This is also the alarm, intelligent remote control, electrical appliances product the battery model used for the most part. But relatively speaking, no. 1, no. 2 ( Japan this country called & other; 1 throughout the battery & single; 、“ Single 2 battery & throughout; ) Relatively large dry cell, use frequency is low, usually need to purchase. What are the electrical equipment need to use the battery, 1 and 2 above, of course, is used in kitchen burning gas, natural battery case 1 and 2 battery can also be known as for kitchen burning gas. Ok today we say with you to understand what is 1 battery, 1 big battery image size.

what is the no. 1 battery, 1 large cell size

is also known as type D cell ( Large cell/LR20 / AM1) ф 34 in diameter. 2; Relative level 61. 5 mm, wide application field, civilian, aerospace defense industry, especially can see different dc regulated power supply, gas stove and so on in the daily need electronic ignition device, strong light flashlight, and many other places can use battery type D to 1, the standard D ( Flat head) The battery. 1 battery coating pretty thick, rust resistance, is suitable humidity environment. Use more pure manganese powder, perfect in performance, and can reduce self-discharge in high temperature environment, improve the storage period of the battery.

1 big batteries

1. High can prevent leakage formula, fine adjustment ratio of manganese powder and graphite, does not use process leakage.

2。 Wide sealing innovation of science and technology, the sealing area is increased by one thousand percent, good sealing performance, choose the flat structure can improve the contact surfaces of the shell and cover gasket, washer, increase the contact pressure, better sealing effect, avoid water discharge.

no. 1 and no. 2 the difference between battery

1. 1 ( D) 59, battery relative height. 0± 0. 5 mm, the diameter of 32. 3± 0. 2 mm, like old flashlight in use before, also called large batteries.

2。 There are 2: C, battery relative height 49. 5± 0. 5 mm, the diameter of 25. 3± 0. 2 mm, this is relatively rare, but there are many some lithium battery pack inside. No. 1 is greater than 2, strong light flashlight with 1 battery.

kitchen burning gas cell 1 big picture

above big battery pictures for 1

battery knowledge expansion

cell ( 电池) Refers to a certain amount of electrolyte solution and the cup of the metal electrode to generate an electric current, slots or other containers or composite part of the space, can convert chemical energy into electrical energy device. With the positive and negative. Common dry cell battery, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries. Battery model general can be divided into: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 5 and 7 more commonly used, often said the AA battery is 5, and 7 batteries is the AAA battery.

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