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What is the sodium ion batteries, the advantage of sodium ion battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-17

non-renewable energy is more with less, the world's nonrenewable resources for cadres also let people sorrow white head, solar and wind up just lit the organ cadres new hope again, now appeared a kind of new batteries commonly known as sodium ion batteries, lithium battery pack performance is said to be more than we, so many people to this new scientific research of sodium ion battery not familiar with, that we have a look at what is sodium ion batteries, the advantage of sodium ion batteries! ! ! !

sodium ion batteries, available

since 2011, from yongsheng hu doctoral tutor lead design team at the institute of more than 30 years of lithium ion battery research based on the accumulation of knowledge, with the cost reduction, safety, environmental protection, performance excellence of sodium ion battery technology research and development, individual development made a completely independent country extremely sodium ion battery management system of intellectual property rights, so far has been in the anode, cathode, electrolyte solution, additives, adhesives and other essential material industry apply for thirty a number of utility model patent; Has brand licensing 12 patents of utility model, in which each 1 covers the United States and Japan patents.

this management system USES the natural resource is rich in sodium as a specific element, anode materials are respectively for the use of cost cheap sodium copper iron and manganese oxide soft carbon long-flame coal base, which has a significant cost advantage. After seven years of struggle, yongsheng hu leads the design team in the industry by continuous pioneering scientific research and technology development, the energy density of sodium ion battery so far has been to one hundred and twenty watts per hour/kg, is 3 times of lead-acid batteries. Reduce the cost of sodium ion batteries have a chance in low-speed new energy electric vehicles, electric boat, family life energy storage technology, the state grid energy storage technology and other industries use.

the advantage of sodium ion battery

1. Sodium ion batteries can timely is converted into energy and the use of renewable energy is relatively more energy. This must be the most adequate energy density and low self-discharge rate behavior of solid batteries.

2。 Sodium ion batteries can quickly after the replacement of fast charging and discharging, in a few seconds or more than ten minutes too frequently peak regulation is a process of a relatively short time, must control the moment gap between demand and supply. For solid batteries extremely rapid succession replacement fast charging and discharging.

3。 Sodium reserves is extremely rich and low cost, can fully meet the sodium ion batteries, 傲慢的人) In material supply, can be widely used in energy storage system.

4。 High rate performance, can fully meet all the conditions of use, not completely relies mainly on the control device, can adapt to a wide range of supply and low demand.

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