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What is the total vanadium flow batteries, total vanadium flow batteries advantages and disadvantages

by:dcfpower     2020-11-13

the recent months, once again all vanadium flow batteries in the battery industry, fire up the market, especially in the domestic market, a large number of technical experts in the field of battery, also in hyping all vanadium flow batteries where good is good, deeply attracted the attention of many people, however, the vanadium flow batteries compared with lithium ion batteries and fuel cells, are we still on this just came out so cells is quite strange to the fire, so our battery small make up today to give you with what is the total vanadium flow batteries, and all the advantages and disadvantages of vanadium flow batteries.

what is the total vanadium flow batteries

vanadium battery, full name is all vanadium flow batteries, English named ( VanadiumRedoxFlowBattery VRB) , it is a kind of active substances in circulating liquid REDOX reaction of the battery. In the early sixties, there will be a iron & ndash; The REDOX reaction of cr system battery was born, but in the department of vanadium REDOX reaction cell is in 1985 by the university of new south wales in Australia MarriaKacos clearly put forward, based on 20 years of product research and development, vanadium battery technology has tended to improve. Now in Japan, used as power load and wind energy storage technology of fixed type ( Relative to the trolley with) Vanadium battery progress rapidly, vanadium battery energy storage system has been put into practical power, and go all out to advance the progress of more and more commercialized.

all vanadium flow batteries work principle

all vanadium flow batteries is to each other with different valence vanadium ion solution as the positive and negative active material, respectively in each other's electrolyte storage tanks. In the battery charge and discharge experiments, electrolyte, according to the function of the pump by external storage tank circulation through the battery of the positive and negative each other room, on the electrode surface layer caused by oxidation and reduction reaction, and build the battery charge and discharge.

all vanadium flow batteries

1. Application range

can be used in wind power market, the state power grid peak shaving, new energy electric power supply, EPS emergency power supply, ups power supply and distribution, military batteries, photovoltaic power generation.

2。 Flexible in design, charge and discharge performance is good, high capacitance

vanadium battery is very flexible, the function of power and volume can be independent design. Rated power lies in a pile, but according to change the number of single battery or the area of the electrode to improve. And volume mainly lies in the amount of vanadium ion, can improve the electrolyte volume according to the construction and vanadium ion concentration.

3。 Closed system can be fully automatic equipment operation, low manufacture cost, green non-polluting

natural environment adaptability high battery performance is less affected by environmental temperature, when the temperature of the environment is fully recovered, battery capacity can also be fully recovered. Enclosed work the system can fully automatic equipment, will not cause organic gas and waste electrolyte.

4。 Not easy to cause an explosion as lithium battery pack, high safety

on the theory of high safety. Because of its active substances exist in the electrolyte, will not cause the object changes, deep discharge without affecting battery life. In addition, the reaction process does not cause the H2 gas, such as no risk of explosion, also won't have the problem of short circuit fault.

5。 Energy efficiency and high cost performance, long service life

long service life. Deep discharge cycle performance is strong, recharging after discharge, volume is very easy to fully recover, and super deep discharge does not cause the irreversible damage of battery

all vanadium flow batteries shortcomings

1. Energy storage cost is too high, it is difficult to mass widespread application

all vanadium flow batteries energy storage cost is relatively high. This caused a large scale.

2。 Leachate technology production technology is not stable, did not conquer

vanadium flow batteries are vital materials such as electrolyte and ion exchange membrane. Finally how much progress, but also depends on technology and market.

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