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What is the working principle of the lithium battery?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-22

lithium batteries can be divided into lithium battery and lithium ion batteries. Smart phones and laptops use basic it is lithium ion battery, usually also referred to as lithium batteries of the masses. The next today with everyone take a look at! ! The working principle of lithium battery pack?

lithium ion battery anode materials are,

lithium ion battery cathode of carbon materials, with lithium as positive, chemicals and no metal lithium, lithium ion, only this is the lithium ion battery. Lithium ion battery refers to lithium ion embedded chemicals for the anode material of battery. Lithium ion battery of battery charging process, it is lithium ion embedded and embedded process. Embedded in the lithium ion and embedded in the whole process, at the same time in the last few years and lithium ion equivalent electronic embedded and stripping of embedded Habit to use embedded or embedded said, on the positive and negative) inserted with insert or take off 。 In the battery charging process, lithium ion in the back and forth between positive and negative electrode embedded/embedded and insert/take off the plug, corporate image to called & other; Rocking chair batteries & throughout; 。

when the batteries in the battery, the battery of lithium ions into the anode, into lithium ion after lithium battery electrolyte to the negative movement. As a cathode carbon layer structure, it has a lot of nanofibers, reach the cathode of lithium ion is embedded into the layer of carbon nanofibers, built-in lithium ion, the more the higher the battery storage. The same, when the battery to discharge ( You use the whole process of the battery) , embedded in the cathode carbon layer of emergence, lithium ions and movement back to the anode. Back to the anode of lithium ion, the more the higher the discharge storage.

usually lithium battery charging current is set at zero. Between 2 c and 1 c, the greater the current, the faster the battery, at the same time can generate heat. Moreover, too much battery charging current, storage capacity is not full, because the battery structure of electrochemical reactions need time. As to pour wine, pour fast cases will produce bubbles, it is not full.

for battery, is normally used during the process of discharge.

need to pay attention to the lithium battery discharge points:

first, absolutely not discharge. most avoid overdischarge, if once the discharge voltage of less than 2. 7 v, is likely to cause the battery dead loss. Fortunately, mobile phone battery structure have already installed security power supply circuit, low working voltage has not to damage the battery, safeguard power circuit will effect, terminate discharge. Once the battery discharge current, the greater the discharge, the smaller storage capacity, voltage drop rapidly.

second, discharge current is too large, too large current of battery structure to generate heat, there are more likely to cause permanent damage. On the phone, but this one is not a problem, can not consider.

use range: ( Mainly used field)

consumer digital field

portable electronic devices

with small fan

children watch

wisdom pos

GPS locator


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