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What is uln2003, function diagram and uln2003a pin

by:dcfpower     2020-10-23

ULN2003A what role is it? In real life there are a lot of people don't know what is ULN2003A, actually I also not clear at the beginning, when they started to contact this thing for ULN2003A, baidu search to know that it is used in the circuit, that today we lithium battery pack manufacturer said to you about what is uln2003, ULN2003A pin diagram and function.

what is uln2003

ULN is integrated darlington tube of IC, the internal structure is integrated with a loop counter electromotive force of diodes, used to drive the relay. ULN2003 have work standard high voltage and high current gain value and wide temperature range, load ability and so on characteristics, suitable for all kinds of needs of high speed large power drive system, and ULN2003 as a driver chips using large current load. ULN2003 had sixteen pin, seven in seven out of a GND, a COM.

uln2003 works

ULN2003A reverser circuit is a 7 road, when inserted into the end ULN2003A output for the low level to high levels, when inserted into the end ULN2003A output for the high level to low levels. Since ULN2003A is open collector output, in order to let the diode of afterflow effect, must will COM pins ( pin9) Pick up the load on the power supply, it is the only thing that can generate continuous flow loop. Can also be as some electronic components, such as regulating circuit of servo motor.

ULN2003 first actually consists of seven inverter in the inverter OC gate, namely open collector.

is explained in NpN transistor open collector as output to the collector and the base as inserts, emitter grounded. In the collector corresponding COM side, here can answer the VCC, triode like this when the base after low levels as the collector output high level; Base to meet the high power transistor conduction collector output low level at ordinary times. So output generated the MCU electric rehabilitate, but the reverse is not the point, large current is essential. ULN2003 COM termination of the relay is to avoid the voltage breakdown electronic components. ULN2003 open collector output, also can only accept to go into current. To drive the load current up to 500 ma, driving voltage up to 50 v.

ULN2003 role

ULN2003 is large current drive array, usually for c51, multi-function instrument, pLC, the control circuit of the digital output card, etc. Can be directly driven relay load, etc. Insert 5 VTTL level, the output of up to 500 ma / 50 v.

darlington ULN2003 is high to high voltage, large current display, is composed of seven silicon NpN darlington tube. The characteristics of the circuit is as follows: each pair of ULN2003 darlington series a 2. 7 k base resistance, under the standard work voltage of 5 v it can directly connected with the TTL and CMOS circuit, buffer can deal directly with the original need standard logic.

ULN2003 is high voltage large current darlington transistor array product series, have work standard high voltage and high current gain value and wide temperature range, load ability and so on characteristics, suitable for all kinds of need of high speed large power drive system.

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