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What is ups uninterruptible power supply, ups uninterruptible power supply of medical equipment

by:dcfpower     2020-11-09

in some occasions (with higher load level specification A kind of load) , it is suitable for power supply for UPS ( Uninterruptible power supply) , i. e. , no power equipment, such as wireless communication system; The network system; Video surveillance system; DCS system application; Office of the medical equipment; Processing and manufacturing of electric control valve, etc. , now of the intensive care unit of equipment of hospital and hotel also see more UPS uninterruptible power supply socket, it can be said that UPS using range is becoming more and more common, as medical practitioners, we should master the working principle of UPS, operation method and simple troubleshooting, this paper mainly focuses on what is UPS uninterruptible power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply of medical equipment.

what is the ups uninterruptible power supply

ups uninterruptible power supply ( UninterruptiblePowerSystem) That is a kind of uninterrupted power supply with energy storage device. Main part is used to give a specification for power supply stable performance of equipment, uninterrupted power supply. Uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) Is the battery, Often lead-acid batteries from lithium battery pack) Connection with server, inverter power supply based on server module circuit dc voltage into a grid application equipment. It is mainly used to give a single computer, data communication application or other power electronic products such as relay, differential pressure transmitter supply stable, uninterrupted power supply.

medical equipment ups uninterruptible power supply function

1. Ups uninterruptible power supply is a kind of energy storage device

and give priority to with inverter power supply if part of the constant pressure constant amount of uninterrupted power supply. UPS in its early stage of development, only be seen as a kind of standby power supply. Just like you sell lithium-ion polymer battery, is a kind of energy storage batteries, also can treat as spare electricity, once happened in the medical and the power, still can supply electricity power.

2。 Use common

used in mining, aerospace engineering, processing and manufacturing, communications equipment, national defense science and technology, hospital equipment, computer terminal, the cloud servers, network security devices, data storage equipment, emergency lighting applications, high-speed railway, shipbuilding industry, roads, power plants, power stations, nuclear power plant, safety and fire alarm system, wireless data transmission application, SPC telephone exchanges, satellite communications, photovoltaic solar energy storing energy conversion equipment, control equipment and emergency protection application, multimedia computer

4. Can also be regulated, the system data information to carry out the protection

ups power supply is equipped with 1 set of battery pack, not on weekdays is a power failure, the inside of the charger of battery pack, full of floating in and after the battery to carry out the maintenance. Power electricity unexpected ceases, UPS uninterruptible power source only in the millisecond time immediately transferred to inverter, power of the battery pack into 220 v alternating current (ac), continuous power supply, at the same time UPS uninterruptible power supply alarm, reduce sensitive element, the information content is lost, damaged disk application wiped out serious consequences such as

5. Ensure customers lost information content

ups uninterruptible power supply can also ensure that the network system to work again after the blackout period has enabled users to emergency inventory, make users and cause power outages and influence work or lost data.

ups uninterruptible power supply drawback:

1, when the equipment meets the requirements for power supply time interval is high, not suitable for use uninterrupted back-up power;

2, power supply mode has a longer response time, the charging and discharging is relatively vulnerable equipment can't use this kind of power;

3, lost into a narrow range, export power supply effect is poor, equipment of the power is bigger, need more power, use of standby power supply is not suitable, you can also select more online ups power supply power.

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