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What kind of batteries, lithium-ion batteries are there? 18650 batteries and lithium polymer batteries that good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-28

at present on the market at present there are three main types of mobile charger batteries: 18650 batteries, polymer batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries. Is still have a lot of friend don't know the lithium battery pack batteries these batteries, the performance of the performance of the batteries use that today we are together and see it! What kind of batteries, lithium-ion batteries are there? 18650 batteries and lithium polymer batteries that good.

18650 batteries

18650 type lithium batteries refers to the diameter of the battery to 18 mm, total length of 65 mm, 0 means cylindrical shape of the battery. 18650 batteries batteries technology is mature, stable structure, higher than the volume, comprehensive can stand out, at the same time, mainly because of small and exquisite can be used in many areas. Defect is the difference in its security than lithium polymer batteries, batteries of the cycle frequency is low, only about three hundred times or so.

18650 batteries are usually cylindrical, and usually choose steel shell packaging design. Mainly because the 18650 lithium ion present situation of liquid, like a cup full of water, so 18650 is only for cylindrical.

a risk factor for 18650 is still high, mainly because the 18650 packaging design usually chooses steel shell, if manufacturers under the condition of the production form problem cause under the condition of the quality of the product is unqualified, very easy to happen explosion problem.

polymer batteries

polymer batteries and the difference between traditional lithium battery pack production process. Lithium batteries are bound together, relatively soft body. Polymer is superposition, hard body. The same size of polymer and lithium battery, polymer volume is bigger, about more than 30% higher. At the same time, more secure, low risk of explosion. Long service life. Charge and discharge reached more than 500 times. Defect is high cost, and the same volume of polymer batteries more expensive than 18650 lithium ion batteries at least 100%. Lithium polymer batteries, liquid leakage and short circuit is the biggest security problem is likely to form a bulge problem, and the most terrible conditions can cause burning phenomenon, thus form a small fire.

18650 batteries and lithium polymer batteries that great

18650 batteries and lithium polymer batteries, between the two began to differ on raw materials, raw materials is 18650 batteries, lithium manganese acid lithium iron phosphate and three yuan, etc. These options, and lithium polymer batteries raw materials are usually cobalt acid lithium, lithium manganese acid, there are three yuan a variety of materials such as lithium fusion. In front of a single pure raw materials, and behind a kind of raw material is very rich.

the security is also very different between the two, 18650 batteries is mainly due to steel shell and packaging design in the production of the quality of the product is unqualified is likely to occur when the explosion. But want to assemble the beginner may have no way to tell whether their trading to 18650 batteries product quality pass, relative to the novice, 18650 batteries to fit more difficult does not recommend. Integrated, assembled on the lithium batteries, lithium battery pack assembling interests beginners selected batteries are best for lithium polymer batteries, mainly because of its high energy than high security, mainly is the most important, high security, in the end to safeguard their own personal safety can be better to do the thing that oneself like.

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