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What kind of the best and most durable lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-04

electronic equipment development faster and faster, new energy vehicles is also followed by the development of the society. There is no battery now almost can not get to where you are! Daily life you can't leave the lithium battery pack. With the rapid development of battery technology, what type of battery is the best now is becoming more and more difficult to understand.

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a lithium electricity, day

day li-ion battery with high specific energy, long cycle life, safe and reliable, light, no memory effect, green environmental protection and other characteristics, widely used in electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric tour buses, golf cars, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other fields. Second, xu sent safe lithium electricity

xu sent security li-ion battery energy density as high as 200 wh/KG, and can realize high rate charge and discharge, small self-discharge. Batteries and each section has a CID current cutting device, can prevent the internal short circuit on fire. It also has a high power radiator, more stable and reliable, etc.

3, nunn lithium electricity

SMW lithium electricity use auto level 3 c power 18650 three yuan batteries, not only improve the discharge rate, the specific capacity, high and low temperature resistance, and improve the service life cycle. Technology on the connection of the battery pack by automatic laser welding spot welding, avoid artificial spot welding of welding, and virtual welding leakage problems.

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